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Ch.11 Vocab

Chapter 11 Vocab

asteroid Small rocky bodies in our solar system, they orbit the sun
axis An imaginary line through earth extending from the north pole to the south pole
black hole A large sphere of tightly packed material with an extraordinary amount of gravitational pull
comet A small body made up of rocky material and ice that occurs in the Kuiper Belt and the Oort cloud
doppler effect an increase (or decrease) in the frequency of sound, light, or other waves as the source and observer move toward (or away from) each other.
Fusion the process or result of joining two or more things together to form a single entity
interstellar matter The material that fills space
light-year The distance at which light moves 300,00km/s travels in a year equals about 9.5 trillion km
parallax The apparent shift of an object against a stationary caused by the change of position of the observer
planet a celestial body that orbits one or more stars with its own gravitational pull
revolution The motion of earth as it orbits the sun at 30km/s
rotation The motion of earth as it spins on its axis from east to west at 1670km/h
solar system A group of planets circling one or more stars
star A celestial body of hot gasses with a core like a furnace
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