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Various astronomy

What is the ecliptic? The path the sun follows around the celestial sphere.
What is the most recognizable northern constellation? Ursa Major
What constellation is Polaris in? Ursa Minor
What constellation is called the little bear and what asterism does it contain? Ursa Minor contains the little dipper
What constellation is the great bear? Ursa Major
When is Leo best seen? Spring and summer
What is Leo's brightest star? Regulus (in the sickle)
What stars form the summer triangle? Deneb vega and altair
What is cygnus' brightest star? Deneb
Which astronomer developed apparent magnitude? Hipparchus
What philosopher popularized a geocentric view of the universe. Aristotle
In 280 B.C., which philosopher proposed that the earth orbits the sun? Aristarchus
Which philosopher wrote almagest? Ptolemy
Who proposed a heliocentric view of the universe? Copernicus
Which astronomer(s) agreed with Copernicus? Galileo and Kepler
Kepler was an assistant to which astronomer? Brahe
What is an Ellipses? A symmetrical oval
Who formulated the laws of planetary motion? Kepler
What does the first law of planetary motion say? Planets orbit the sun in an ellipse with the sun as a foci and the other as an empty point in space.
What does the second law of planetary motion say? A planet closer to the sun moves faster and a planet farther moves slower.
What does the third law of planetary motion state? The farther the planets distance from the sun, the longer its period.
What is gravity and who discovered it? The force of attraction between two objects.(Newton)
What does the law of universal gravitation state? The strength of the gravitational force between two objects depends on their mass and their distance from each other.
What does "planet" mean? Wanderer
What are the planets from closest to the sun from farthest? Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.
What is the terminator? The line that separates the dark portion of the moon from the light portion.
What is the first phase of a lunar month? The lunar month starts with a new moon when the sunlit side is completely hidden from view.
What are the next three moon phases? Waxing (growing) Crescent, first quarter, And waxing gibbous.
What are the last four moon phases? Full moon, waning (shrinking) gibbous, third quarter, and waning crescent.
What constellation contains five bright star and resembles an m or w? Cassiopeia
What two constellations contain the stars forming The Great Square? Andromeda and Pegasus
What constellation is most familiar in the southern hemisphere? crux
Created by: MarciM31601