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Wilson Hall Science shuttle notes

What president announced that a reusable spacecraft needed to be built and when? Richard Nixon, 1972
When was the last flight to the moon? 1972
What was the companies names hired to biuld the reusable spacecraft? Boeing
What does NASA call the shuttle? the obiter
What does ET stand for? external fuel tank
What does SRB stand for? solid rocket booster
What are the tanks called in the ET consrtuction? forward tank, aft tank
aft rear
What mixes and burns to give a tremendous amount of power? liquid hydrogen and oxygen
What is made of aluminum and sprayed with a foam insulation? ET
Why is the ET sprayed with a foam insulation? to keep the liquid fuel cool enough to remain a liquid
What burns up in the atmoshere so the it can not be used again? the aluminum hull of ET
How many pounds of fuel does the ET hold? 1.6 million
How many gallons of fuel does the ET hold? 526,000
What contains a parachute and a flotation device? Why? SRB, so it can be retrieved and reused
What was the 1st original shuttle called who built it? Enterprise, Boeing
What shuttle was a tester and never went into space? Enterprise
What shuttle was put into flight on the back of a Boeing 747? Enterprise
Where did Enterpise land? on a runway at Edwards AFB in CA
What was Enterprise used for? testing landing and manuvering
What provides enough thrust for lift off? SRB
What is the light weight rocket? ET
What is the ET used for? continue the flight into the upper atmoshere
thrust a forward force that pushes an object
How many seconds does it take to clear the launch pad? 6
What burns all fuel in 2 minutes and then drops into the ocean? SRB
What burns all fuel in 8 minutes? ET
What uses its own fuel to position itself into the earth's orbit? orbiter/shuttle
What were the puposes of the shuttle mission? 1-reusable spacecraft 2-carry large payloads 3-biuld ISS 4-take men & equipment to and from ISS 5-provide man-power to the ISS
payload cargo
What does ISS stand for? International Space Station
What were the original shuttles to orbit earth and in what year? Columbia-1981 (1st) Challenger-1983 Discoverey-1984 Atlantis-1985
What were built to endure many launche and re-entries? shuttles
When are shuutles due for retirement? 2010
When is the ISS due for completion? 2010
Why is NASA behind with the scheduled retirement? ISS is still not completely finished
When was the Challenger launced? 1986
How was the Challenger destroyed after it was launced? when exaust from SRB ecaped and shot hot gases into ET
What happened after the exaust from SRB ecaped and shot hot gases into ET? (Challenger) the hot gases caused the ET to break apart sending the shuttle into supersonic tailspin, breaking the shuttle apart
What kind of fuel is in the SRB and why? solid fuel(powder) & because it is easier to manage
What does the solid fuel give the SRB? thrust to lift off
What is an O ring? round rubber ring that stops a liquid from leaking
Why did the exaust from SRB ecape and shoot hot gases into ET? (Challenger) it was launched on a cold night-the O rings became to hard to seal off exaust from SRB
Why was Endeavor built? to replace the Challenger
Where was Endeavor delivered and when? Cape Canaveral, FL- 1991
When was Columbia lauched? (2nd time) 2003
What happened to Columbia and why? broak apart during re-entry(shuttle disinigrated) because foam insulation damaged some of the tiles(heat sheild) that protected the shuttle during re-entry
Why do cameras now film the launch? (2nd time) to make sure that no foam insulation breaks off and damages the shuttle
What did the camera see on one of the Altlantis flight? How were the astronauts able to inspect and fix it? foam insulation damaged the shuttle & space walk
How many heat tiles are on a shuttle? 24,000
How many degrees can the shuttle withstand and where? 3,000 F on nose and wing tips
How fast does the shuttle travel? 17,500 mph (5 m per sec.)
What is the landing speed of a shuttle? 220 mph
How many seconds after take off did the Challeger explode? 73
How many mile of runway does a shuttle need to land? 2
How many flight and years are shuttles desingned to last? 100 flights OR 10 years
The shuttles orbit earth every______minutes 90
Created by: simdeh
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