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Astronomy terms

A list of terms from apihelion to comets

Astronomy The study of creation beyond our atmosphere.
Perihelion Earth's closest point to the sun.
Aphelion Earth's farthest point from the sun.
Period The amount of time a planet takes to complete its orbit.
Astronomical unit A measure used by Kepler equal to the earth's distance from the sun.
Vacuum A space containing no matter.
Retrograde Moving backwards (from east to west).
Mare Dark patches on the surface of the moon.
Satellite Any object which revolves around another object.
Lunar month The amount of time it takes the moon to revolve around earth (29d 12h 44m).
Asteroid A stony or metal object smaller than planets and orbiting the sun.
Comet An asteroid sized object made of rock and frozen material and forms a bright tail.
Nucleus The heart of a comet made of two-thirds ice and one-third dust.
Coma The gas and dust forming around a comets nucleus.
Tail A highly reflective streamer emitted from a comet.
Meteoroid Fragments from asteroids much smaller than them.
Meteor A meteoroid that has entered the earth's atmosphere.
Meteor shower An event that takes place when the earth passes through a meteoroid stream causing meteor to fall much faster than normal.
Meteorite A meteor that has crashed to the earth's surface.
Created by: MarciM31601