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Who was the first to say that we needed a reuseable spacce craft Richard Nixon
1972 last flight to go to the moon
What was the company Boeing hired to design the reuseablespace craft
what does NASA call the shuttle the orbiter
How many tanks are connected to the shuttle launched by 3 tanks
aft means rear or back
what two things would mix and burn very quickly liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen
What is ET made of aluminum and spray with a floam insulation
what burns up into the atmosphere the aluminum in the ET
How many pounds does the ET hold of fuel 1.6 million
what holds a parachutte and a flotation device the SRB
What was the tester and the first reusable space craft by boeing the enterprise
when does the SRB provie the most thrust for lift off when the gravity is at its greatest
What is the ET a light weight rocket to fly in the upper atmosphere
thrust means a foward force that pushes on an object
How long does it take to clear the launch pad 6 seconds
ISS is the most compelx international scientificproject in history true
what is the NASA mission for the ISS to understand and project our home planet , explore the universe and search for life, and to inspire the next generation of explorers
the ISS was created as an outpost in space true
Created by: ltrm