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World Geo


Gorbachev (cold war) soviet leader who started to give more economic and political freedoms to the soviet union -> calliopes of the soviet union and cold war
czar emperor -> peter the great was ____ of russia from 1682-1725 tried to empathize science and technology
Lenin leader of communist party; took control of the government
Stalin Leader of the soviet union during WWII wanted to spread communism; fought against the german natiz
Valdimir Putin russian president (2000)
outback an unpopulated island of austrilla
Lagoon Salt water separated from the sea by coral reefs
Artesian Wells a deep well where water is pumped upward
Krakota island that was blown up when a volcano; erupted and created huge tsunamis
rabbits in Austrila no noatural predators=infested austrilla and ate all their crops; still struggling with this issue
low lands formed by coral reefs
high lands formed by volcanos; have soil and support agriculture
Atoll island with lagoon in the middle
Vietnam war US became involved; over communism (Book has more details)
Major food source in Vietnam rice
europeans settlement of Australia colonized in 1788 as a place to send prisoners; gave brittan more pacific naval bases; had violent conflicts w/ many people came
good effects of tourism in Oceania spend money= supporting infrastructure
bad effects of tourism in Oceania require hotels, streets, roads and vehicles; also a threat to environment and traditional way of life
Aborigines orignal inhabitants of Australia; lived off of hunting gathering and did not harm their land
Population location of Australia along the (east) coast
Devolpment of Antarctica used for scientific research; governed by the UN (united nations)
Religous influrences in SE Asia Spanish->christianity to Philipense missioonaries and colonism-> christianity widely spreading
North Korea CCC- Communism, Command Economy, China= ally
South Korea DDU- Democratic, Demand Economy, US= ally
Isolationism in china mountains
Development of Japan lack of natural resources; industrial leader of East Asia
Imperialism authority of an empire or nation over forge in countries
Spheres of influence in China method of dividing forigen countries
3 gorges dam dam began in the late 20th century to help control flooding, generate power and allow ships to sail further into china
Japanese homes small; one or 2 rooms; build up and not out/wide to take up less space
Tiananmen Square fight broke out and government tried to hide it
Ring of Fire chain of volcanoes that line the Pacific Ocean
Chinese Economic Zones developed by government to increase foreign trade
Population location in China and Japan east coast
Hong Kong thriving trade; reunited with china in 1997
Cyclone violent storm w/ fierce winds and heavy rain; most extreme weather pattern of South Asia
Tsunami Very destructive; many in Japan; giant ocean waves caused by underwater earthquakes or volcanic eruption
Pacific Rim economic and social region
Daoism THE WAY harmony; government should not get involved
Confucianism importance of oder, education and higharcy in a well ordered society
Buddism enlightment; 4 noble truths; 8 fold path; nirvana; rebirth
Economic Triggers strong economy with cheap labor; high technology and exports
Typhoons tropical storm that occurs in the Western Pacific
India Modern Problems overpopulation- lack of basic needs; religion and ethnic division
Kashmir territory where Pakistan and India have fought many wars
Division of South Asia after it split up religious and ethnic groups
why is the indus river important to Pakistan good soil; brings water throughout region; very HOLY; very polluted with daed organisms; irrigation
Indo-Gangetic Plain most densely populated area where most people live; lots of rain and good soil
Bangladesh young country; believes in large families; broke away from Pakistan; poor, muslim, large population
Cyclone of 1970 created Bangladesh; killed hundreds of thousands of people; 80% of rice was gone; 70% of ships were wrecked
Winter Monsoons very dry winds; south west winds
Summer Monsoons very wet north east winds
Population density in South Asia and where do they live near the east coast and along the ganges river; info gangetic plain
caste system social classes; certain moral duty, dharma
Brahmans priest and scholars
Kshathyas rulers and warriors
Sudras artisans and labors
Vaisyas farmers and merchants
Religious Conflict in South Asia Pakistan(islam) and India(Hinduism) don't get along
Himalayan Mountians Mountain range including mt. Everest
Hinduism Belief in many gods; reincarnation; karma; caste system
Aswan high Dam created to stop flooding of the nile river in Egypt and Sudan gives farmers regular supply of water
ancestor worship worship sports of relatives from the past
animism non human organisms have sports; souls
aids hiv disease that plagues Africa
desertification an expansion of dry expansion into most area that are next to deserts
Africas physical geography irregular coastline- low then flattens; natural harbors
F.W. de Klerk president of apartheid in South Africa
Berlin Conference determined by european nations on how african countries should be divided; no african leaders could attend; didn't separate ethnic groups
Culture of North Africa simmular to SW Asia
African rivers can't be used bc of caderacks
farming in africa not done well; methods that ruin soil and main part of economy
European colonization of Africa natural resources
factors making development in african counties difficult lack of infustrucure
escarpment a steep slope with nearly flat plateau onto
nigeria oil and help from other countries
nelson mandela south african leader
sahara largest desert in the world; streches from atlantic to red sea
the sahel fertil land south of sahara; slowly getting smaller due to overarming
rift valleys land that sanks to form long thin valleys or continental plates pulled apart
wadi dry riverbed
natural resources in SW asia oil
bedouins nomadic desert peole
jerusalem heart of 3 major religions
major religions of SW Asia Islam, Judaism, Christianity
Creation of Israel after WWII Jewish got israel and kicked out the palatines
fertil cressent valley around tigris and euphrates river and wraps along the nile river
muhammed messenger of islam; prophet
kurds stateless nation
Zionism the movement of giving jews a homeland
climate regions of SW Asia largest dessert(arid) semiarid and Mediterranean along the coast
Theocracy governed based on religion
dictatorship country led by a dictator or someone with complete rule over a country
areal sea begining to shrink bc officials are using it for irrigation of cotton fields and kara kum canal
on going tensions in russia eastern Europe; split not based on religion
Collapse of the USSR Gorbachev
result of the 1917 revolution russia communism
location of natural resources russi petrulium in the caspian; leading in oil and natural gas
religious distribution russia book not split by religions when deciding land
Caucasus mountains mountain range between black sea and caspian sea
russias access to the Mediterranean black sea
russias population distribution west most people live
communism government holds most of the political power and means of production
USSR becoming republics 1922 communist party organized different groups of people
climate regions russia humid continental and subartic climates; effect of distance from the sea- continentality= amount of precipitation and temp
vegetation regions russia tundra forest steepe- chromosome(soil) dessert- kara kum and kyzyl kum
Ural Mountains mountain range separating eroupe and asia
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