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Ag. Science

Definitions/ Numbers needed for leaving certificate Agricultural Science

BEEF - Recommended age at mating 15 months
BEEF - Recommended body weight at mating 300-350 kg
BEEF - Gestation 283 days
BEEF - Oestrus 21 days (18 hours standing heat)
BEEF - Dental formula 0033 4033
BEEF - Birth weight 40
BEEF - End of summer 1 90-100
BEEF - End of winter 1 200
BEEF - End of summer 2 275-300
BEEF - End of winter 2 470-500
BEEF - Finish weigh 550-750
DAIRY - Holstein milk produce 5800
DAIRY - Jersey 3400
DAIRY - Friesian 5000
DAIRY - Total Lactation Yeild Daily Yield at peak X 200
DAIRY - Dry Period 60 days
DAIRY - Milk Percentages Water - 87.8 Butterfat - 3.5 Protein - 3.2 Lactose - 4.7 Minerals - .8
PIGS - Gestation 114 days
PIGS - Oestrus 21 days (2-3 days standing heat)
PIGS - Dental Formula 3143 3143
PIGS - Bonham weight 1-1.5
PIGS - Puberty 6 months
PIGS - Weaners weight Start 9 End 32
PIGS - Finish weight 100-140
PIGS - Creep TEMP 30
PIGS - Dry Sow TEMP 20
PIGS - Farrow TEMP 20
PIGS - Weaner TEMP 24
PIGS - Fattener 22
SHEEP - Gestation 147 - 5 months
SHEEP - Litter size Vary 1,2,3
SHEEP - Lamb weight 3-5
SHEEP - When is flushing Before mating
SHEEP - When is Steaming Up Before giving birth
Signs of good health Animal is alert Has clear bright eyes No discharge in nose or mouth clean sleek coat Clean hind quarters Walks normal Breaths normal
Signs of illness Animal is alone dull eyes Discharge from body No appetite Limping Rapid/ Laboured breathing Cough High heart rate Low levels of production
Describe Colostrum A highly diegestable mineral, full of proteins, fats, & antibodies Works as a lax. Heats up body. Protects body Vital to get at least 2/3kg in 3 to 12 hours
Target weight for calves 40kg at birth 72.5kg start of summer 200kg at winter 300kg at slaughter
Target weight for replacement heifers 40/50kg at birth 72.5kg start of summer 450kg at winter 500kg at spring
Dry period Lasts around 2 months. Used to revive cow and allow foetus to grow, & prevent mastitus.
Diseases - TB Effects all ages Caused by Mycobacterium bovus Highly infectious Zoonose No prevention No cure
Diseases - Contagious Abortion Caused by Brucella Abortis Affect animals abort foetuses at 5-7 months
Diseases - Mastitis Bacterial Diesease in udder Infection through teat canaldue to bad hygiene Swelling of udder Prevention - Hygienic housing, wash the milking machine, replace rubber in machine,clean teats before/after milking, clean hands.
Diseases - Milk fever Lack of calcium due to foetal growth, occurs also during early growth Causes spasms, tremors, separtion, unable to stand. Treated with Calciject Prevent by giving supplements
Diseases - Grass tetany Occurs when animals are first turned onto grass that has low magnesium. Causes spasms and twitching Treated with Magneject. Prevent with mineral supplements
Created by: MarkA0845