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What kingdom do the cat and dog belong to? animal
Name a plant that belongs to the fungus kingdom. mushroom
Homo sapiens means what? human beings
Some animals have a vertebrate, name one that does not. jellyfish
Bacteria are in which classification. monerans
Insects and fish are in which kingdom? animals
Monerans and protist are single celled but how are they different? Moneran does not have a nucleus
What chemicals are produced by the endocrine glands? hormones
When your body uses insulin what is it storing? sugar
The adrenal,thyroid, male and female glands are part of which which system? endocrine glands
The adrenals help you to prepare to.... move and act quickly in case of a problem
Where is the pituitary gland? in the brain
What growth stage comes after childhood? adolescence
What are budding and fission? ways to reproduce
Most animals who reproduce sexual the male has the ____ and the female has the ____. male - sperm, female - egg
How do bacteria reproduce? splitting
Which of these 2 living things reproduce internally, a chicken or a trout? chicken
The part of the atom that has a negative charge. election
The nucleus of an atom contains____ protons and neutrons
What is the formula for water? H2O
Molecules are made up of _______. atoms
Electrons move in what type of paths? shells (orbits)
EGG-ZYGOTE_____-Fetus-NEWBORN What stage is missing? EMBRYO
All atoms do the same thing______. Always in motion
Table salt formula. NaCI
How are elements arranged in the periodic table? their atomic number
What is the symbol for Hydrogen? H
An item made up of one atom only is_____? an element
A characteristic of metals is_______? can be pounded or bent into other shapes
2 substances put together form _____________? chemical change
Water making ice is what type of change? physical change
Milk turning sour is what kind of change? chemical change
Cells make up lining things. Which of these is formed by cells? scissors, a rock, a piece of wood
Which part of the cell gives instruction for the running of that cell? nucleus
What is not in both the animal and plant cell? chloroplasts
Place these in order of hoe cells function. systems, organs and tissues. tissues, organs and systems
What is the most important thing about a protozoan? single cell
A life process that occurs in plant cells only___? photosynthesis
Water, food and wastes are stored in what part of the cell? vacuole
Where does the energy come from that plants use in photosynthesis? sunlight
The major function of the petals of a flower is ? attract insects
What is the difference between vascular and non-vascular? vascular have tube like structure to carry water
Which scientists used the telescope? Galileo
A scientist who founded the classification of plants Linnaeus
A scientist who studied the disease of arthritis when he discovered cortisone. Percy Lavon Julian
Sprouting is called________? gerimination
Plants that have chlorophyl need what 3 things light, water and carbon dioxiode
Created by: MSummers12