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Going greek! 1-2


How did most Greek women get their clothing? Most women created their own clothing while bought imported fabric and clothing. They wove fabric using a loom and then sewed clothing for themselves and family members
What article of clothing did both women and men wear? A chiton (ky-ton) was wore by both sexes. For women - A chiton was also called pelos
What was the primary difference between their summer and winter clothes? in cooler times, women used wool as a fabric and muslin when warmer
What article of clothing did women wear over the chiton? Himation - as a cloak or shawl
What did some women wear to show they were part of a higher social group? Women wore elaborate jewelry made from metal or semi-precious stones: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, rings. Women also wore sandals and curled their hair or wore it up.
How and why did men wear the chiton differently than women? men might drape the fabric of their chiton under their right arm to free that warm to allow greater mobility; it also might be shorter than a woman's. Men wore a CHLAMYS (clay-mis) as a cloak.
What did Greek men wear when they went to war? leather breastplates with metal sewn on cloth; crested helmets made of leather/bronze; spears, swords, shine guards (greaves)
What was the main footwear? sandals or barefeet
Why did men originally wear full beards, and what changed that style? Alexander the Great popularized clean-shaven face
How did men style their hair or What did men wear on their heads? Men wore wore long hair with brightly colored headbands and a crown of wreaths, flowers or leaves on special occasions
Where do historians believe Hellenic history began? Archeologists found an advanced civilization living on Crete
What was the center of the Cretan Empire The Center of the Cretan empire was the Palace of Knossus
How did we learn about Minoan Civilization? In the early 1900's Sir Arthur Evans, a British archeologist, discovered eh ruins of the palace.
How did the Minoan Civilization get it's name? The Minoan civilization got its name after the King Minos, the famous king in the myth of the Labyrinth and the Minotaur
What engineering feat did the Minoans develop at the palace of Knossus? The archeological dig revealed a Knossus palace with four stories, 1500 rooms with workshop and storage areas and a modern plumbing system as good or BETTER than those found in Europe until the 19th century
Give at lease two reasons historians believe may have caused the end of the Minoan Civilization? The Minoan Era lasted over 1000 years, however it ended by a volcanic explosion, an earthquake , a foreign invasion, or a combination of these.
How did its location help Crete to become a major sea power? Crete's location helped it to become a major sea power because as an island located in the eastern Mediterranean, it was equidistant from the mainland of Greece, Egypt, and Asia Minor
Created by: Aryah!
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