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Just something to study

What is movement? Example? A way to get around ot move ideas Ex: Emails
How does the internet improve interaction among people in different regions? Emails IM
What is included in the Biosphere? Vegitation and animals
What is one type of rock in the Lithosphere? Igneous
Why are non-renewable resourses so important to conserve? Take a long time to replenish
What are three reasons why Africa has not been able to benift form its great mineral wealth? 1. Exploited by conials 2. Failed to divelop industries 3. use money to fund conflicts
What is the most common effect of water shortages? Infections disease
What is the biggest hazard of chemicals in ground and surface water? Safety
Canals are necessary in Venice because the city was built on which type of land form? Swamps
what is one negative effect of the flood control gates in Venice? Increase in polution
Whyisn't air pollution a factor in infant mortality? Thry don't live long enough to be affected
How can Hilly land be used for agriculture? Terraced Farming
How is steam power and hydroelectric power different? Steam power burns fuel and hydroelectric doesn't
What is the ost effected wasy to prevent flooding? levees
How can a structures be built to withstand earthquakes? steel frames
Created by: iwashere601