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Reid Latin Am. Final

Reid Latin America Final Review

The region of _________ is made up of Mexico, Central American, and South America. Latin America
Latin America is located _____ of the United States. south
The ________is the driest desert in the world and is located in Northern Chile. Atacama Desert
The grasslands and bread basket region in southeastern South America is called the ____. Pampas
The _____ River in South America is the second largest river in the world. Amazon
The cutting down of the Brazilian Rainforest for farmland is called _______. deforestation
What is the most important reason to save the Brazilian Rainforest? The rainforest trees remove carbon dioxide from the air.
How did the Inca modify their Andes Mountain environment in order to grow more food? They built terraces for farming.
The Line of Demarcation divided land in South America between Spain and Portugal, which is why Brazil still speaks ________. Portuguese
Bolivar had the idea for South America to be __________ after it won its independence from Spain. united as one country
The ______was built so ships could get between the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean without going around the tip of South America. Panama Canal
The Spanish influenced the people of Latin America by converting them to the _____ religion. Catholic
A human injustice in the Spanish colonies was that most Natives were forced to be ______. slaves
Cities in Latin America are experiencing urban sprawl and becoming overpopulated because people are migrating to the cities for ____. jobs
Chile is a long narrow country in South America because of the _______, one of the longest mountain ranges in the world. Andes Mountains
The Aztecs were conquered by the Spanish conquistador called ______. Cortes'
The Caribbean islands are really the tops of underwater ______> mountains
The cutting down of the Brazilian rain forest for farmland is called _____. deforestation
____ is an island nation in the Caribbean that has a command economy and dictatorship government. Cuba
_______ is an island in the Caribbean that is a U. S. commonwealth. Puerto Rico
Because we live in the Great Lakes region, we take for granted having _________, a natural resource that is scarce in some Latin American countries due to poor living conditions. clean water
Venezuela's economy improved with the discoveries of ____. oil
The largest import from Mexico to the U.S. is their _____. culture
Three reasons it is important for U.S. students to know abut Latin America: 1. their natural resources 2. they are trade partners 3. many move to the U.S. and live with us
Created by: marydykstra



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