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Tabers M-X

FSCC Tabers M-X

macr, macro Large, long
mal Ill, Bad, Poor
mes, meso 1. Middle, 2. In anatomy, the mesentery, 3.In medicine, secondary partial
meter Measure
micr, micro Small
mon, mono Single, one
muc, muci, muco, myxa, myxo Mucus
multi Many, much
musculo, my-myo Muscle
myc, myco Fungus
nano 1.One billionth, 2.Dwarfism(nanism)
narco Numbness, stupor
necr, necro Death, necrosis
neo new, recent
nitr, nitro Nitrogen
non No
normo Normal, usual
ob Against
oculo Eye
ode, oid Form, shape, resemblance
odynia, odyno Pain
oleo Oil
olig, oligo Few, small
oma Tumor
onco Tumor, swelling, mass
onych, onycho Fingernails, toe nails
oo, ovi, ovo Egg, ovum
oophor, oophoro, oophoron Ovary
opisth, opishto Backward
os Mouth; bone
osis condition, status, process, abnormal increase
otomy Cutting
ous 1. Possessing, full of, 2.Pertaining to
oxy 1.Sharp, keen, acute, acid, pungent, 2.Oxygen in a compound, 3.Hydroxyl group
pach, pachy Thick
pan All, entire
path, patho, path, pathic, pathy Disease, suffering
pedia child
per throughout, through, utterly, intense
peri around, about
pero deformed
pexy fixation, usually surgical
phag, phago eating, ingestion, devouring
phlebo Vein
photo light
pico One trillionth
plasia Growth, cellular profileration
plasm,-plasm 1.Prefix, Living substance or tissue, 2.Suffix, to mold
plastic molded, indicates, restoration of lost or badly formed features
plegia paralysis, stroke
plur, pluri several, more
pneo breath, breathing
pneum, pneuma, pneumato air, gas, respiration
poly much, many
post after
postero posterior, behind, toward the back
pre before, in front of
presby Old age
pro before, in behalf of
proso forward, anterior
proto 1.First, 2.In chemistry, the lowest of a series of compounds with the same elements
pseud, pseudo false
psych, psycho mind, mental process
py, pyo pus
pyro heat, fire
quadr, quadri Four
quinqu five
re back, again
retro backward, back, behind
(r)rhage, (r)rhagia rupture, profuse fluid discharge
(r)rhapy a suturing or stitching
(r)rhexis rupture of a specific body part
sapro putrid, rotten
scapho boat shaped; scaphoid
sclero hard; relating to the sclera
sclerosis dryness, hardness
scopy examination
semi half
septi seven
sero serum
steno narrow, short
strepto twisted
sub under;beneath, in small quantity, less than normal
super above, beyond, superior
supra above, beyond, on top
sym with, together with, along, beside
tachy swift, rapid
tel, tele 1.End, 2.Distant
tera one trillionth
tetra four
thermo hot, heat
toco childbirth
tome cutting instrument
tomo section, layer
tomy cutting operation, excision
tri three
ultra beyond excess
uni one
vaso vessel(e.g.., blood vessel)
veno vein
xero dry