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Make up of earh, polaris

What is the Lithosphere? Land
What is the Hydrosphere? Water
What is the Atmosphere? Air
Order there thickness from lest to greatest. Hydrosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere
Put them in oder by density least to greatest. atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere
Miles and KM of trosphere. 7 miles 12 km
Miles and KM of stratosphere. 31 miles 50 km
Miles and KM of mesospere. 50 miles 82 km
Miles and KM of thermosphere. more than 70 miles more than 135 km
As altitude increases pressure _______. decreases
As altitude increses water vapor content ________. decreases.
As altitude in teh tropsphere increases , temperature _______. decreases
As altitude in the stratospere increases tempeture ________. increases.
As altitude in the mesophere increases tempeture ________. decreases
As altitude in thermosphere incrases tempeture _______. incraeses
Pressure in Troposhere? 10-5
Pressure in Stratosphere? 10-2
Pressure in Mesophere? 10 -3
Pressure in Thermosphere? None
Where is there more water vapor, at the top of the troposphere or teh bottem? Bottom because on pg 14 in RT shows more water vapor at bottem
Most abundednt element in hydrospere? 66% hydrogen, 33% oxagen
Most abundednt element in the atmosphere/tropospere? 78% nitrogen, 21% oxagen
Most abundednt element in the lithosphere? 46% oxagen, 28% silicon
How do u find polaris? 1. Find the bid dipper 2. Find the pointer stars in the big dipper 3.the two pointer starts should point to polaris
What does Polaris tell us? Polaris tells us our latitude because teh earth is oblate speriod and teh north star is at the north pole.
4 evidence of Earth's shape? 1. Ship disapearing over the Earths horizon 2. Eclipse 3.satellights 4. Polaris
What is the earth's shape? Oblate spheroid
Created by: Danie8588