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Science the Shuttles

In 1972, which President announced that a reusable spacecraft needed to be designed? Richard Nixon
The last flight on the moon was in______. 1972
The ________company was hired to design and build the reusable spacecraft. Boeing
NASA called the shuttle ______________. "the orbiter"
How is the shuttle launched? by connecting it to 3 fuel tanks
aft rear
_______&________ mix and burn very quickly & gives a tremendous amount of power liquid hydrogen & liquid oxygen
ET construction is what 3 parts? 1. 2. liq. oxygen tank 3. liq.hydrogen tank
liquid oxygen tank forward tank
liquid hydrogen tank aft tank
ET is made of __________& sprayed with a _______insulation to keep the liquid fuel cool enough to remain a liquid. aluminum foam
What part of the ET burns up in the atomsphere? aluminum hull
The ET aluminum hull cannot be used again. TRUE
ET holds _____________pounds of fuel. 1.6 million
ET holds__________gallons of fuel. 526,0000
SRB contains what 2 devices that can be used again? parachute floatation device
______________was the 1st shuttle buildt by Boeing as a tester. Enterprise
The Enterprise NEVER went into space. TRUE
The Enterprise went into flight on the back of a Boeing 747. TRUE
The Enterprise runway landing tested___________&_____________. landing manuvering
Created by: blondiegirl