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Cardio - def

Med Surg

Cardiac tamponade def caused by pericardial fluid accumulation - results in acute compresion of the heart
cardiomyopathy def chronic conditions characterized by structural changes of the heart
pericardicentesis def needle aspiration of fluid from between the visceral parietal pericardium
intermittent claudication def leg cramps during or after exercise
vena cava filter def umbrella like structure used to trap emboli stenosis narrowing
valvular regurgitation def occurs when blood leaks backward through a valve
endarterectomy def resection/removable of lining of artery
myocardial revascularization def restoring coronary blood flow
ischemia def deprivation of oxygen for a short time that causes pain
venous stasis ulcer def impaired skin integrity caused by venous insufficiency
aneurism def blugging out of a blood vessel
arteriosclerosis def loss of elasticity or hardening of arteries
atherosclerosis def fatty deposits that accumulate on the walls of the arteries
heart block def interference with transmission of impulses from SA node to the AV node
asystole def absense of hearts electrical activity
hypernatremia def elevated serum-sodium levels
malignant hypertension def accomodated by edema of the optic nerve
papailledema def swelling of the optic nerve
orthopenia def inability to breath unless sitting up right
dysrhythmias def conduction disorder - changes rhythm, the cardiac output is compromised - most common cause is ischemic heart disease
mitral stenosis def valve does not open properly to fill L ventricle so L atrium doesn't empty, risk of clot formation, arterial embolus
Heart failure def inability of heart to pump sufficient blood to meet body's metabolic needs
ejection fraction def hearts efficiency - percentage of blood that the L ventricle ejects when it contracts; healthy heart ejects 55% or > of blood that fills the L ventricle during the diastole
CHF def accumulation of blood and fluid in organs and tissues from impaired circulation
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