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DW vocab. chs. 12-15

imbedded to be set or fixed firmly in a surrounding mass
consolation comfort; solace
imperceptible not easily perceived by the senses or the mind
obsolete no longer in use or practice; discarded
preliminary leading up to the main action
methodical characterized by being orderly or systematic
scabbard a sheath or case to hold the blade of a sword
solitary single; only
rations fixed portion; share; allowance
mortise a notch or hole cut, as in a piece of wood to receive a projecting part
doused thrust suddenly into liquid; drench
clambering to climb by using both hands and feet
instantaneous done, made or happening in an instant
tarpaulin canvas waterproofed with tar or paint; sheet spread for protection
profusely giving freely
gangrene decay of tissue in a part of the body when the blood supply is obstructed
speculation a pondering thought; conjecture
haughty having or showing great pride in oneself and disdain for others
waiving to give up or forego
felony a major crime for which laws provide a greater punishment
viciously to do something in a malicious or spiteful way
diagnostic relating to careful investigation in order to form an opinion
impounded to take into legal custody
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