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wilson hall

science 6th grade chapter

what does nasa call the shuttle orbiter
how many fuel tanks are on the shuttle three
name the 3 fuel tanks ET, & 2 SRB's
what does ET and SRB stand for external fuel tank, solid rocket booster
what does AFT mean rear
what is the et made out of aluminum and a foam insulation
how many pounds of fuel does the et hold 1.6 million lbs.
what else does the srb contain a parachute and flotation device
what was the first spacecraft built by boeing enterprise
the enterprise made it into space false
how did the enterprise get back to florida by riding on th back of a boeing 747
what provides the majority of the thrust fo lift off srb
what continues the flight into the upper atmosphere the e.t.
a forward force that pushes an object thrust
how long does it take to clear the launch pad 6 seconds
how long does it take the s.r.b. to burn off fuel 2 minutes
wher does the srb drop in the ocean
how long does it take e.t. to burn off fuel 8 minutes
what spaceship uses its own fuel to position itself into earths orbit orbitor
what were the purposes of the shuttle mission reusable spacecraft, carry large payloads, build the i.s.s., take men and equipment from i.s.s., provide man power to the i.s.s.
what is cargo payload
what does i.s.s. stand for international space station
what year are shuttles due for retirement 2010
what yeart is the iss due for completion 2010
t or f...nasa is behind schedule true
is the iss completed no
what shuttle was destroyed on takeoff challenger
what did the on-lookers think hapenned to the challenger thought it exploded becuase of smoak exhaust
what has solid fuel srb
what became too hard to seal off the exhaust from the srb o-rings
what shuttle replaced the challenger endeavor
what year was the columbia first launched 2003
what are the tiles like when one or two fall off dominoes
what caused the shuttle to disintegrate the heat
whay does nasa film the launches to make sure foam doesnt break off and damage the shuttle
what allowed the astronauts to inspect and repair the damage of the atlantis a walk in space
Created by: brashcor