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FSCC Taber's

Taber's Prefixes and Suffixes

a-, an- Without, away from, not.
ab-,abs- from; away from; absent.
abdomin-, abdomino-, abdomen
abort-, aborto- To miscarry.
acous-, acoust-, acousto- Hearing.
acro- Extremity; top; extreme point.
ad- Adherence; increase; toward.
aden-, adeno- Gland.
adip-, adipo- Fat.
adren-, adreno- Adrenal glands.
-aemia blood
aer-, aero- Air or gas.
-aesthesia, aesthesio- Sensation
af- Toward.
-al. Relating to (e.g, abdominal, intestinal). In chemistry, an aldehyde.
albumin-, albumino- Albumin.
-algesia, -algia Suffering; pain.
algi- pain
allo-,all- other
amb-, ambi- Both; on both sides; around; about.
an-. ana-, an- Up; against; back.
andro- Man; male; masculine
angi-, angio- Blood or lymph vessels.
aniso- Unequal; asymmetrical; dissimilar.
ankyl-, ankylo- Crooked; bent; fusion or growing together of parts.
ante- Before.
antero- Anterior; front; before.
ant-, anti- Against.
apo- From; derived from; separated from; opposed.
arteri-, arterio-. Artery.
arthr-, arthro-. Joint.
-ase. Enzyme.
-asis, -esis, -iasis, -isis, -sis. Condition; pathological state.
astro-. Star; star-shaped.
atelo-. Imperfect; incomplete.
ather-, athero-. Fatty plaque.
atmo-. Steam; vapor.
atreto-. Absence of an opening.
aut-, auto-. Self.
axio-. Axis; the long axis of a tooth.
axo-. Axis; axon.
azot-, azoto-. Nitrogenous compounds.
cac-, caci-, caco-. Bad; ill.
calc-, calco-. Calcium.
calcan-, calcaneo-. Calcaneum (heel bone).
carcin-, carcino-. Cancer.
cardi-, cardio-. Heart.
carpo-. Carpus.
cary-, caryo-. cat-, cata-, cath-, kat-, kata-. Down; downward; destructive; against;
cath-. cel-, celo-. 1. Tumor; hernia. 2. Cavity.
-cele. Tumor; swelling; hernia.
cent-. Hundred.
cephal-, cephalo-. Head.
cerebell-, cerebello-. Cerebellum.
cervic-, cervico-. Neck; the neck of an organ.
cheil-, cheilo-. chem-, chemo-. Chemical; drug.
chil-, chilo-. Lip; lips.
chir-, chiro-. Hand.
chlor-, chloro-. Green.
chol-, chole-. Bile; gall.
cholangi-, cholangio-. Bile vessel.
cholecyst-, cholecysto-. Gallbladder.
choledoch-, choledocho-. Bile duct.
chondr-, chondro-. Cartilage.
chrom-, chromo-. Color.
-cide. Causing death.
cine-. Movement.
circum-. Around.
clavicul-, claviculo-. Clavicle.
-cle, -cule. Little (e.g, molecule, corpuscle).
cleid-, cleido-. Clavicle.
co-, com-, con-. Together.
colp-, colpo-. contra-. Against; opposite.
crani-, cranio-. Skull; cranium.
cry-, cryo-. Cold.
-cusia,-cusis. Hearing.
cyan-, cyano-. Blue.
cycl-, cyclo-. Circular; cyclical; ciliary body of the eye.
cyst-, cysto-, -cyst. Cyst; urinary bladder.
cyt-, cyto-, -cyte. Cell.
dacry-. Tears.
dactyl-, dactylo-. Finger; toe.
de-. From; down; not.
dec-, deca-. Ten.
deci-. One tenth.
demi-. Half.
dent-, denti-, dento-. Teeth.
derm-, derma-, dermato-, dermo-. Skin.
deuter-, deutero-, deuto-. Second; secondary.
dextro-. Right.
di-. Double; twice; two; apart from.
dia-. Through; between; asunder.
dipla-, diplo-. Double; twin.
dips-, dipso-. Thirst.
dis-. Negative; double; twice; apart; absence of.
dors-, dorsi-, dorso-. Back.
duoden-, duodeno-. Duodenum.
-dynia. Pain.
dys-. Difficult; bad; painful.
-eal. Pertaining to.
ec-, ecto-. Out; on the outside.
-ectomy. Excision.
ectro-. Congenital absence of a part.
ef-, es-, ex-, exo-. Out.
electr-, electro-. Electricity.
embol-, embolo-. Plug.
-emesis. Vomiting.
-emia. Blood.
en-. In; into.
enantio-. Opposite.
end-, endo-. Within.
ent-, ento-. Within; inside.
enter-, entero-. Intestine.
ep-, epi-. Upon; over; at; in addition to; after.
episi-, episio-. Vulva.
erythr-, erythro-. Red.
eschar-, escharo-. Scab.
-esis. esophag-, esophago-. Esophagus.
-esthesia. Sensation.
etio-. Causation.
eu-. Well; good; healthy; normal.
eury-. Broad.
ex-. Out; away from; completely.
exo-. Out; outside of; without.
extra-. Outside of; in addition; beyond.
-facient. Causing; making happen.
femor-, femoro-. Thigh.
-ferous. Producing.
ferri-, ferro-. Iron.
fibro-. Fibers; fibrous tissues.
fluo-. Flow.
fluor-, fluoro-. Luminous; fluorescence.
fore-. Before; in front of.
-form. Form.
-fuge. To expel; to drive away; fleeing.
galact-, galacto-. Milk.
gam-, gamo-. Marriage; sexual union.
gaster-, gastero-, gastr-, gastro-. Stomach.
gen-. Producing; forming.
-gen, -gene, -genesis, -genetic, -genic. Producing; forming.
glauc-, glauco-. Gray.
genito-. Organs of reproduction.
gero-. Old age.
giga-. Billion.
gingiv-, gingivo-. Gums (of the mouth).
-globin. Protein.
gloss-, glosso-. Tongue.
gluc-, gluco-, glyc-, glyco-. Sugar; glycerol or similar substance.
gnath-, gnatho-. Jaw; cheek.
-gog, -gogue. To make flow.
gon-, gono-. Semen; seed; genitals; offspring.
-gram. A tracing; a mark.
-graph. Instrument used to make a drawing or record.
-graphy. Writing; record.
-gravida. Pregnant.
gyn-, gyne-, gyneco-, gyno-. Woman; female.
gyro-. Circle; spiral; ring.
hem-, hema-, hemato-, hemo-. Blood.
hemi-. Half.
hepat-, hepato-. Liver.
heredo-. Heredity.
heter-, hetero-. Other; different.
hex-, hexa-. Six.
histo-. Tissue.
hol-, holo-. Complete; entire; homogeneous.
homeo-. Likeness; resemblance; constant unchanging state.
homo-. Same; likeness.
hydra-, hydro-, hydr-. Water.
hyo-. Hyoid bone.
hyp-, hyph-, hypo-. Less than; below or under; beneath; deficient.
hyper-. Above; excessive; beyond.
hypno-. Sleep; hypnosis.
hyster-, hystero-. Uterus.
-ia. Condition, esp. an abnormal state.
-iasis. -iatric. Medicine; medical profession; physicians.
-ic. Pertaining to; relating to.
ichthyo-. Fish.
-id. Secondary skin eruption distant from primary infection site.
ideo-. Mental images.
idio-. Individual; distinct.
ileo-. Ileum.
ilio-. Ilium; flank.
im-. immun-, immuno-. Immune; immunity.
in-. In; inside; within; intensive action; negative.
infra-. Below; under; beneath; inferior to; after.
inter-. Between; in the midst.
intra-, intro-. Within; in; into.
ipsi-. Same; self.
irid-, irido-. Iris.
ischio-. Ischium.
-isis. -ism. Condition; theory.
iso-. Equal.
-ite. 1. Of the nature of. 2. In chemistry, a salt of an acid with the termination -ous.
-itis. Inflammation of.
-ize. To treat by special method.
jejuno-. Jejunum.
juxta-. Close proximity.
kary-, karyo-, cary-, caryo-. Nucleus; nut.
kat-, kata-. kera-, kerato-. Horny substance; cornea.
ket-, keto-. Ketone bodies (acids and acetones).
kilo-. Thousand.
kinesi-, kino-, -kinesis. Movement.
klepto-. To steal.
kolp-, kolpo-, colp-, colpo-. Vagina.
kypho-. Humped.
kysth-, kystho-. Vagina.
lab-, labi-. Lip.
lact-. Milk.
laparo-. Flank; abdominal wall.
laryng-, aryngo-.
latero-. Side.
leio-. Smooth.
lepido-. Flakes; scales.
-lepsy. Seizure.
lepto-. Thin; fine; slight; delicate.
leuk-, leuko-, leuc-. White; white blood cell.
linguo-. Tongue.
lip-, lipo-. Fat.
-lite, -lith, lith-, litho-. Stone; calculus.
-logia, -logy. Science of; study of.
lord-, lordo-. Curve; swayback.
lumbo-. Loins.
lyo-. Loosen; dissolve.
-lysis. 1. Loosen; dissolve. 2. In medicine, reduction of; relief from.
macr-, macro-. Large; long.
mal-. Ill; bad; poor.
mamm-, mammo-. Breast.
-mania. Frenzy; madness.
mast-, masto-. Breast.
meat-, meato-. Opening; meatus.
med-, medi-, medio-. Middle.
medull-, medullo-. Soft inner part; medulla.
mega-, megal-, megalo-. Large; of great size.
-megalia, -megaly. Enlargement of a body part.
meio-, mio-. Less; smaller.
melan-, melano-. Black.
mening-, meningo-. Meninges.
menta-, mento-. Mind.
mes-, meso-. 1. Middle. 2. In anatomy, the mesentery. 3.In medicine, secondary; partial.
mesio-. Toward the middle.
meta-. 1. Change; transformation; next ina series. 2. In chemistry, the 1,3 positionof benzene derivatives.
metacarp-, metacarpo-. Metacarpus (bones of the hand).
-meter. Measure.
metr-, metra-, metro-. Uterus.
micr-, micro-. Small.
mio-. mon-, mono-. Single; one.
muc-, muci-, muco-, myxa-, myxo-. Mucus.
multi-. Many; much.
musculo-, my-, myo-. Muscle.
my-, myo-. myc-, myco-. Fungus.
myel-, myelo-. Spinal cord; bone marrow.
myring-, myringo-. Tympanic membrane, eardrum.
myx-, myxo-. nano-. 1. One billionth. 2. Dwarfism (nanism).
narco-. Numbness; stupor.
naso-. Nose.
necr-, necro-. Death; necrosis.
neo-. New; recent.
nephr-, nephra-, nephro-. Kidney.
neur-, neuri-, neuro-. Nerve; nervous system.
nitr-, nitro-. Nitrogen.
non-. No.
normo-. Normal; usual.
noso-. Disease.
noto-. The back.
nucleo-. Nucleus.
nyct-, nycto-. Night; darkness.
ob-. Against.
occipit-, occipito-. Occiput.
octa-, octo-. Eight.
oculo-. Eye.
-ode, -oid. Form; shape; resemblance.
odont-, odonto-. Tooth; teeth.
-odynia, odyno-. Pain.
-oid. oleo-. Oil.
olig-, oligo-. Few; small.
-ology. Science of; study of.
-oma. Tumor.
omo-. Shoulder.
omphal-, omphalo-. Navel.
onco-. Tumor; swelling; mass.
onych-, onycho-. Fingernails; toenails.
oo-, ovi-, ovo-. Egg; ovum.
oophor-, oophoro-, oophoron-. Ovary.
ophthalm-, ophthalmo-. Eye.
-opia. Vision.
opisth-, opistho-. Backward.
-opsy. View of.
optico-, opto-. Eye; vision.
orchi-, orchid-, orchido-. Testicle.
-orexia. Appetite.
oro-. Mouth.
orth-, ortho-. Straight; correct; normal; in proper order.
os-. Mouth; bone.
oscheo-. Scrotum.
-ose. 1. Carbohydrate. 2. Primary alteration of a protein.
-osis. Condition; status, process; abnormal increase.
osmo-. 1. Odor; smell. 2. Impulse. 3. Osmosis.
oste-, osteo-. Bone.
-ostomosis, -ostomy, -stomosis, -stomy. A created mouth or outlet.
ot-, oto-. Ear.
-otomy. Cutting.
-ous. 1. Possessing; full of. 2. Pertaining to.
ovi-, ovo-. ox-. Oxygen.
oxy-. 1. Sharp; keen; acute; acid; pungent. 2. Oxygen in a compound. 3. Hydroxyl group.
pach-, pachy-. Thick.
-pagus. Twins joined at a specific site (e.g, craniopagus).
pali-, palin-. Recurrence; repetition.
pan-. All; entire.
pant-, panto-. All or the whole of something.
papulo-. Pimple; papule.
para-, -para. 1. Prefix: near; alongside of; departurefrom normal. 2. Suffix: Bearing offspring.
patell-, patello-. Patella; kneecap.
path-, patho-, -path, -pathic, -pathy. Disease; suffering.
ped-, pedi-, pedo-. Foot.
pedia-. Child.
pedicul-, pediculo-. Louse.
-penia. Decrease from normal; deficiency.
pent-, penta-. Five.
-pepsia. Digestion.
per-. Throughout; through; utterly; intense.
peri-. Around; about.
perineo-. Perineum.
peritoneo-. Peritoneum.
pero-. Deformed.
petro-. Stone; the petrous portion of the temporal bone.
-pexy. Fixation, usually surgical.
phaco-. Lens of the eye.
phag-, phago-. Eating; ingestion; devouring.
phalang-, phalango-. Phalanges (bones of fingers and toes).
phall-. Penis.
pharmaco-. Drug; medicine.
pharyng-, pharyngo-. Pharynx.
-phasia. Speech.
-phil, -philia, -philic. Love for; tendency toward; craving for.
phlebo-. Vein.
-phobia. Abnormal fear or aversion.
phono-. Sound; voice.
-phoresis. Transmission.
-phoria. In ophthalmology, a turning with reference to the visual axis.
photo-. Light.
phren-, phreno-, -phrenia. Mind; diaphragm.
-phylaxis. Protection.
physico-. Physical; natural.
physio-. Rel. to nature.
physo-. Air; gas.
phyt-, phyto-. Plant; something that grows.
pico-. One trillionth.
picr-, picro-. Bitter.
-piesis. Pressure.
pimel-, pimelo-. Fat.
plagio-. Slanting; oblique.
-plakia. Plaque.
-plasia. Growth; cellular proliferation.
plasm-, -plasm. 1. Prefix: Living substance or tissue. 2. Suffix: To mold.
-plastic. Molded; indicates restoration of lost or badly formed features.
platy-. Broad.
-plegia. Paralysis; stroke.
pleur-, pleuro-. Pleura; side; rib.
-ploid. Chromosome pairs of a specific number.
plur-, pluri-. Several; more.
pneo-. Breath; breathing.
pneum-, pneuma-, pneumato-. Air; gas; respiration.
pneumo-, pneumono-. Air; lung.
pod-, podo-. Foot.
poikil-, poikilo-. Varied, irregular.
-poiesis, -poietic. Production; formation.
polio-. Gray matter of the nervous system.
poly-. Much; many.
post-. After.
postero-. Posterior; behind; toward the back.
-praxis. 1. Act; activity. 2. Practice; use.
pre-. Before; in front of.
presby-. Old age.
pro-. Before; in behalf of.
proct-, procto-. Anus; rectum.
proso-. Forward, anterior.
prostat-, prostato-. Prostate gland.
proto-. 1. First. 2. In chemistry, the lowest of a series of compounds with the sameelements.
pseud-, pseudo-. False.
psych-, psycho-. Mind; mental processes.
psychro-. Cold.
-ptosis. Prolapse, downward displacement.
pubio-, pubo-. Pubic bone or region.
pulmo-. Lung.
py-, pyo-. Pus.
pycn-, pycno-, pykn-, pykno-. Dense; thick; compact; frequent.
pyelo-. Pelvis.
pyg-, pygo-. Buttocks.
pykn-, pykno-. pyle-. Orifice, esp. of the portal vein.
pyloro-. Gatekeeper; applied to the pylorus.
pyreto-. Fever.
pyro-. Heat; fire.
quadr-, quadri-. Four.
quinqu-. Five.
rachi-, rachio-. Spine.
radio-. 1. Radiant energy; a radioactive substance. 2. In chemistry, a radioactive isotope.
re-. Back; again.
recto-. Straight; rectum.
ren-, reno-. Kidney.
reticulo-. Reticulum.
retro-. Backward; back; behind.
rhabdo-. Rod.
rheo-, -(r)rhea. Current; stream; to flow; to discharge.
rhino-. Nose.
rhizo-. Root.
rhodo-. Red.
roseo-. Rose-colored.
-(r)rhage, -(r)rhagia. Rupture; profuse fluid discharge.
-(r)rhaphy. A suturing or stitching.
-(r)rhexis. Rupture of a specific body part.
sacchar-, saccharo-. Sugar.
sacro-. Sacrum.
salping-, salpingo-. Auditory tube; fallopian tube.
sapro-. Putrid; rotten.
sarco-. Flesh.
scapho-. Boat-shaped; scaphoid.
scapulo-. Shoulder.
scato-. Dung; fecal matter.
schisto-. Split; cleft.
schizo-. Division.
scirrho-. Hard; hard tumor or scirrhus.
sclero-. Hard; relating to the sclera.
-sclerosis. Dryness; hardness.
-scope. Instrument for viewing or examining (includes other methods of examination).
-scopy. Examination.
scoto-. Darkness.
sebo-. Fatty substance.
semi-. Half.
septi-. Seven.
sero-. Serum.
sesqui-. One and one half.
sial-, sialo-. Saliva.
sidero-. Iron; steel.
-sis. sitio-, sito-. Bread; made from grain; food.
skeleto-. Skeleton.
skia-. Shadow.
sodio-. Sodium.
somat-, somato-. Body.
spectro-. Appearance; image; form; spectrum.
sperma-, spermat-, spermato-. Sperm; spermatozoa.
spheno-. Wedge; sphenoid bone.
sphygmo-. Pulse.
spir-, spiro-. Breathe.
spleno-. Spleen.
spondyl-, spondylo-. Vertebra.
spongio-. Spongelike.
staphylo-. Uvula; bunch of grapes; Staphylococcus.
steato-. Fat.
steno-. Narrow; short.
sterco-. Feces.
stere-, stereo-. Three dimensions.
sterno-. Sternum.
stetho-. Chest.
stomato-. Mouth.
-stomosis, -stomy. strepto-. Twisted.
sub-. Under; beneath; in small quantity; less than normal.
super-. Above; beyond; superior.
supra-. Above; beyond; on top.
sym-. With; together with; along; beside.
syn-. Joined; together.
tachy-. Swift; rapid.
taen-, taeni-, ten-, teni-. Tapeworm.
tarso-. Flat of the foot; edge of the eyelid.
tauto-. Same.
techno-. Art; skill.
tel-, tele-. 1. End. 2.Distant.
teleo-. Perfect; complete.
temporo-. Temples of the head.
ten-, teni-. tendo-, teno-. Tendon.
ter-. Three.
tera-. One trillionth.
terato-. Severely malformed fetus.
tetra-. Four.
thalamo-. Chamber; part of the brain where a nerve originates; thalamus.
thanato-. Death.
theco-. Sheath; case; receptacle.
thermo-. Hot; heat.
thio-. Sulfur.
thorac-, thoraci-, thoraco-. Chest; chest wall.
thrombo-. Blood clot; thrombus.
thymo-. 1. Thymus. 2. Soul; emotions.
thy-, thyro-. Thyroid gland; oblong; shield.
thyroid-, thyroido-. Thyroid gland.
toco-. Childbirth.
-tome. Cutting instrument.
tomo-. Section; layer.
-tomy. Cutting operation; excision.
ton-, tono-. Tension.
top-, topo-. Place; locale.
tox-, toxi-, toxico-, toxo-, -toxic. Toxin; poison; toxic.
trachelo-. Neck.
tracheo-. Trachea; windpipe.
trans-. Across; over; beyond; through.
traumato-. Trauma.
tri-. Three.
trich-, trichi-, tricho-. Hair.
troph-, tropho-, -trophic. Nourishment.
-tropin. Stimulation of a target organ by a substance, esp. a hormone.
tubo-. Tube.
tympan-, tympano-. Eardrum; tympanum.
typhlo-. 1. Cecum. 2. Blindness.
typho-. Fever; typhoid.
ulo-. Scar; scarring.
ultra-. Beyond; excess.
uni-. One.
uretero-. Ureter.
urethro-. Urethra.
-uria. Urine.
urin-, urino, uro-. Urine.
uter-, utero-. Uterus.
vagin-, vagino-. Vagina.
varic-, varico-. Dilated vein.
vaso-. Vessel (e.g, blood vessel).
veno-. Vein.
ventro-, ventr-, ventri-. Abdomen; anterior surface of the body.
vertebro-. Vertebra; vertebrae.
vesico-. Bladder; vesicle.
viscero-. Viscera.
vitr-, vitro-, vitre-, vitreo-. Vitreous body (eye); glassy.
vulvo-. Covering; vulva.
xanth-. Yellow.
xeno-. Strange; foreign.
xero-. Dry.
xiph-, xiphi-, xipho-. Xiphoid cartilage.
zoo-. Animal; animal life.
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