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College Writing

Audience The person to whom an argument is directed
Authorites an accepted source of experts on a given topic
Background statement information provided to create a context for the paper
body the bulk of a paper: facts, research, argument to support the thesis
cite to use and document actual text or original ideas from one of the sources
claim the statement that asserts a belief or truth, requiring supporting evidence
conclusion final paragraph of the paper; concludes paper by showing validity of thesis
evidence material offered to support an argument
Opposing Viewpoints online databases that provides access to periodicals/articles/academic material that has been catalogued
essay a short literary composition on a single subject, usually presenting the personal view of the writer
Introduction the first paragraph of the paper; introduces the topic and contains the thesis and the structural statement
Graphic organizer a preliminary visual organization of the research paper
online sources any online resource from which you gather information for your research paper
opinion a belief held with confidence but not sustained by positive knowledge or proof
outline a preliminary sketch of what the research paper will look like
pagination the numbering of each page of your research paper
paraphrase rewriting
Citation device by which you document the source of research
periodical magazines newspapers and journals
plagiarism use of the material without required documentation
propaganda an argument advancing a point without regard to reason, fairness, or truth
quotations the exact words from a source
report a formal statement of facts on a given subject
research paper a formal, cited paper that presents the results of investigation on a selected topic
sound argument a valid argument supported by facts and common knowledge
sources where a researcher finds info
structural statement sentence or group of sentences lists the major arguments of the paper in the order in which they will appear
support to furnish evidence for a particular belief
thesis a sentence that focuses the research paper and states the opinion of view to be developed in the paper
topic the general subject of the research paper
working thesis a thesis that changes
works cited page last page of paper, lists all sources
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