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Adult Health Nursing

Ch 7 Blood and Lymph Pharm & Values MEL

Hemoglobin (Hgb) m-14-18 w-12-16 total amount of hemoglobin in blood, transports O2 to tissues
Hematocrit m-42%-52% w-37%-47% total blood volume of RBC's
Leukocytes WBC 5000-10,000 actual cell count, nucleus and leukocytes
Neutrophils 60%-70% 3000-7000
Eosinophils 1%-4% 50-400 allergic reaction and effective against certain parasitic worms
Basophils 0.5%-1% 25-100 non specific immune response to inflammation due to release of Histamine (vasodilator) during tissue damage or invasion
Lymphocytes 20%-40% 1000-4000 B Cells, search out, identify, and bind with specific antigens
Momocytes 2%-6% 100-600 engulf foreign antigens and cell debris
Thrombocytes-Platelet 150,000-400,000 actual cell count, produce red bone marrow, assist in forming clots
Lymphocytes 20%-40% 1000-4000 T Cells,after exposure to an antigen, divide rapidly and produce lg #'s of new T cells that are sensitized to that antigen
Hemostasis arrests the flow of blood and prevents hemorrhage 1. vessel spasm
Hemostasis 2. platelet plug formation 3. clot formation
Blood B Anti A
Blood O Anti A Anti B universal donor
Blood AB NO Anti's universal recipient
RBC M-4.7-6.1 million W-4.2-5.4 million concave and classified by size, shape, color
Blood A Anti B
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