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Latin 1 Vocab S

refutare to push back/resist
repudiare to reject
reprehendere to find fault/blame
restituere to restore/rebuild
retribuere to retaliate/"pay back"
rogare to ask
ruminare to chew cud/ponder
sperare to hope
sibilare to hiss
supinare to bend backwards
surgere to rise
tingere to moisten/color/dye
vendere to sell
trepidare to fear
ululare to howl/wail
usurpare to take by force
vacillare to waver
vetare to forbid
vexare to bother/annoy
vivere to live
indulgere to allow/grant
inhibere to hold back/hinder
prohibere to hold back/hinder
redolere to smell of
retinere to keep/preserve
sustinere to hold up/support
torpere to be inactive/dull
temere rashly/boldly
melior better
optimus best
pessimus worst
maior larger/bigger
maximus largest/biggest
minor smaller
minimus smallest
Created by: Boombostic