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5th - Chapter 9 C

Questions and answers

Which unit is used to measure weight? newtons or pounds
What is used to measure mass? grams or kilograms
What unit is used to measure volume? mL or cm3
What is the formula for density? mass divided by volume
What property depends on shape, volume, or mass? buoyancy
What state of matter has a definite shape? solid
Which states of matter have a definite volume? liquids and solids
How strongly gravity pulls on an objects mass is _________. weight
What does it mean to say that an element is more "reactive"? it is likely to combine with lots of elements
If an object displaces 20 mL of water, what is that object's volume? 20 mL
Which state of matter has molecules that move the fastest? gas
Which state of matter has molecules that move the slowest? solids
What shape are liquid molecules? The shape of the container they're in.
What shape are gas molecules? The shape of the container they're in.
What shape are solid molecules? Trick question! They can make all the shapes!
How many electrons in a carbon atom? 6
How many protons in an oxygen atom? 8
How many neutrons in a calcium atom? 20
What are the four properties of metals? Luster, malleability, ductility, and conductivity
Where are the metals on the periodic table? On the left and in the middle.
Where are the nonmetals on the periodic table? On the right.
Where are the metalloids on the periodic table? Between the metals and the nonmetals.
Which elements on the periodic table are the most similar? The ones in the same column.
Where are the noble gases on the periodic table? In the far right column
Why are the noble gases called noble? Because they don't mix with the other elements - like kings and queens don't hang out with commoners!
What do you do if you don't know the answer to a question? Mark it! Skip it! Come back to it later!
What can you do if you don't know the answers to the questions at the very end of the test? Look for clues in other questions. Guess. Draw yourself a picture to help figure it out. Don't worry! It's just a test!
What's the most important thing you can study late at night before the test? Your pillow! Sleep is just as important as studying!
Created by: jewen