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Latin 1 Vocab R

Latin Vocab R

arbitrare to suppose/judge
ascendere to climb
attenuare to weaken
cessare to stop
bibere to drink
cadere to fall
cedere to yield
constituere to decide
cogitare to think
corroborare to strengthen/encourage
deridere to laugh at/mock
defraudare to cheat (out of)
deplorare to lament/regret deeply
desistere to stop
dolere to grieve/mourn
dubitare to doubt
enervare to weaken
exacerbare to make worse
exasperare to provoke/irritate
exonerare to free/relieve
implicare to join together
inculcare to insist/force upon
insinuare to creep in/enter upon
frangere to break
iter/itineris trip/journey
lavere to wash
mandare to order
litigare to quarrel/sue
mendicare to beg
pensare to ponder/consider
perseverare to persist/continue
petere to seek
ponere to place
placare to quieten/soothe
privare to rob/deprive
propagare to spread/enlarge
purgare to clean
putare to think
recalcitrare to resist
Created by: Boombostic