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Safety Agreement

Safety and Safe Use Agreement

Conduct yourself in a ______________ manner. Responsible
If you do not understand directions or a procedure, what do you do? Ask your teacher
Are you allowed to work alone? No
Can you eat, drink or chew gum in the lab? No
When do you wear safety goggles in a lab experiment? Always
Work areas should be kept: clean and tidy
Are all liquids allowed to be poured down the sinks? No
Long hair must be..... tied back.
When lab aprons are provided...... they should be worn during labs
If a chemical splashes in your eye, flush it with water for _____________ minutes. 20
How many times do you check a bottle label before removing the contents 2
On a piece of electrical equipment, what part do you use to remove it from the socket? plug
No students may work...... without an instructor present
Horseplay, practical jokes and pranks are... dangerous
Aisles should be kept _______________ clear
_____________, rinse and wipe dry all work surfaces and apparatus at the end of the experiement. clean
Reprt _______________ accidents to the instructor. any
Do not touch, ______________, or smell any chemicals unless instructed to do so. taste
_______________ handle broken glass with your bare hands. never
Never use ______________ or _____________ glassware chipped cracked
Never ________________ into a container that is being heated. look
Created by: wmjh 8th grade