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cold sassy tree

study guide

How did grandpa get the money to start his store miss mattie lou
who saved T.R from the train loomis
Grandpa often said he wasn't innner rested in coddlin hippocrates
what went wrong in will's camping trip bear ate their food
how did hoyt make up to not take Mary wills to Newyork bought a caddliac
grandpa was badly beaten by robbers
cheif police in cold sassy pearl potter
who was the texan that once was married to miss love Mr mcalyster
Miss love occupation before marrying grandpa millner
who raped miss love her dad
will tweedy future plan are to become a farmer
how much money does will recieve after grandpa's death 400$
how did bluford jackson die lockjaw
how old is loma than will 6 years
why did grandpa missed his sunday services because miss love got kicked out of the church
how many weeks after grandma died did grandpa married miss love 3
will walks to mill town on his way to fishing because he hopes to see lightfoot
how is grandpa property divided 1/4 each mary wills, loma, miss love and baby
I wish i was a boy so i could go off my own miss love
Created by: saurabhpsheth
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