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WGU-library glossary

WGU-Foundations of Teaching-Library Glossary

Abstract a summary of a larger work, such as an article, book, or dissertation, included with citation information in many databases
Adjacency a term relating to the searching of an electronic database meaning closeness of two words
Call number a unique alphanumeric code assigned to each item in the library
Circulation the library department responsible for checking out and reshelving books, maintaining information on books that have been checked out, and tracing lost materials.
Controlled Vocabulary a set of official descriptors assigned to a particular entry in a database, illustrating the relationship between synonyms and preferred usage terms. Using controlled vocabulary to search will provide you with more focused results. Examples of controlled
database a collection of related electronic records in a standardized format, searchable in a variety of ways, such as title, author, subject, and keyword
Dissertation a lengthy, written study of a specialized subject, specifically submitted for a doctorate
E Indexes and Databases online tools that index, abstract, or provide electronic access to articles, books, dissertations and other types of content. Many of these databases offer limited full text.
folios oversized volumes that have their own shelving areas
Index a list of citations to journal articles and/or books arranged by subject, author, or title.
manuscript unpublished written documents, such as diaries or letters, or an author's original copy of a work.
MESH an acronym for "medical subject headings." This controlled vocabulary system is determined by the National Library of Medicine, and is used for indexing articles, cataloging materials, and searching MESH-indexed databases.
microforms documents that are reduced in size and available in either microfiche or microfilm.
monograph a scholarly writing, usually of essay or book length on a narrow subject.
nesting in boolean searching, a set of search terms arranged sequentially within a larger set; the order in which terms are set may determine the nature of the retrieved results.
peer review the process by which articles are chosen to be included in a refereed journal. An editorial board consisting of experts in the same field as the author review the article and decide if it is authoritative enough for publication.
periodical a magazine, journal, newsletter, or newspaper produced on a regular basis. This term is sometimes used interchangeably with "serial."
popular magazines serials that target general audiences with popular or current news stories. Authors are not usually scholars in a specific discipline and do not conduct original research. These articles are not peer-reviewed.
Proxy Server a combination of software and hardware, which acts as an intermediary between a set of users and the Internet, allowing authorized users to access many electronic resources available through the UNC library web pages from home
record A collection of related data, arranged in fields and treated as a unit.
reference the library department which aids patrons in using the library, helps with research problems, and assists in locating information.
Scholarly journal journals that present in-depth, original research in a specific field. These articles have been reviewed by other scholars in the field for scholastic standards and validity.
tertiary sources sources that rely on secondary sources rather than primary sources
thesis a written paper elaborating on original research, arguing a specific view.
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