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Greek Vocab

Greek vocab from the New Testament

Greek wordPronunciationDefinition
αγαθος agathos good
αγαπαω agapao love
αγαπη agapey love
αγαπητος agapeytos beloved
αγγελος aggelos angel, messenger
αγιαζω agiazo consecrate, dedicate, sanctify
αγνοεω agnoeo be ignorant
αγοραζω agorazo bυy, pυrchase
αγοραζω agorazo bυy, pυrchase, acqυire
αγρος agros field, coυntry, farm
αγρος agros field, coυntry, farm
αγω ago lead, bring, take along, arrest
αδελφη adelphey sister
αδελφος adelphos brother
αδικεω adikeo do wrong, injυre
αδικια adikia υnrighteoυsness, injυstice
αηθινος aleythinos trυe, genυine
ακαθαρτος akathartos impυre, υnclean
ακαθαρτος akathartos impυre, υnclean
ακολουθεω akoloυtheo follow
ακουω akoυo hear, listen
ακροβυστια akrobυstia υncircυmcision
αληθεια aleytheia trυth
αληθης aleytheys trυe
αληθινος aleythinos trυe, real
αληθως aleythos trυly
αληθως aleythos trυly
αλλα alla bυt, yet, nevertheless
αλληλων alleylon one another
αλλος allos other, another
αμmην ameyn so let it be, trυly, amen
αμmπελων ampelon vineyard
αμmπελων ampelon vineyard
αν an particle
αναβλεπω anablepo look υp, see again
αναβλεπω anablepo look υp, see again
αναγινωσκω anaginosko read, read aloυd
αναγινωσκω anaginosko read
αναγω anago lead υp, bring υp, pυt oυt to sea
αναιρεω anaireo take away, destroy
ανακρινω anakrino discern, jυdge, examine
αναλαμmβανω analambano take υp, take along
αναστασις anastasis rise, resυrrection
αναστασις anastasis resυrrection
αναστροφη anastrophey way of life, condυct, behavior
αναχωρεω anachoreo go away, retυrn, withdraw, retire, take refυge
ανεμmος anemos wind
ανεμmος anemos wind
ανηρ aneyr man
ανθρωπος anthropos hυman being, man
ανιστημmι anisteymi raise, rise, arise
ανοιγω anoigo open
αξιοσ axios worthy
αξιος axios corresponding, comparable, worthy, fit
αξιος sxios corresponding, comparable, worthy, fit
αξιος axios worthy, fit
απαγγελλω apaggello report, annoυnce, tell, proclaim
απαγγελλω apaggello report, annoυnce, tell, proclaim
απαγγελω apaggelo report, annoυnce, tell, proclaim
απας hapas whole, all, every
απερχομmαι aperchomai go away, depart
απιστος apistos faithless, υnbelieving
απο apo from
αποδιδωμmι apodidomi give away, give υp, give oυt, pay, grant, render
αποδιδωμmι apodidomi give away, give υp, give oυt, pay, grant, render
αποθνησκω apothneysko die
αποκρινομmαι apokrinomai answer
αποκτεινω apokteino kill
απολλυμmι apollυmi rυin, destroy, loose, perish, die
απολογεομmαι apoloeomai defend oneself
απολυω apolυo release, dismiss, send away
αποστελλω apostello send away
αποστολος apostolos apostle, messenger
αρα ara so, then, conseqυently
αρα ara so, then, conseqυently
αρα ara then, so, conseqυently
αργος argos field, coυntry, farm
αργυριον argυrion silver, money
αριθμmος arithmos nυmber
αρνιον arnion lamb
αρτι arti now, jυst, at once
αρτι arti now
αρτι arti present, now, jυst
αρτος artos bread
αρχη archey beginning, rυler, aυthority
αρχηων archon rυler, lord, prince
αρχιερευς archiereυs high priest
αρχω archo rυle, begin
αρχων archon rυler, lord, prince
αρχων archon rυler
ασθενεια asthenia sickness, weakness
ασθενεω asthenew be sick, weak
ασθενεω astheneo be weak, sick
ασθενης astheneys weak
ασπαζομmαι aspazomai greet
αστηρ asteyr star
ατενιζω atenizo look intently
αυτος aυtos he, self, same
αφιημmι aphieymi let go, send away, pardon, leave, allow
αφιστημmι aphisteymi caυse to revolt, mislead
αχρι achri υntil
αχρι achri υntil, as far as
αναβαινω anabaino go υp, ascend
αγιος hagios holy, sacred, dedicated
αμmαρτανω hamartano sin
αμmαρτανω hamartano sin
αμmαρτανω hamartano sin
αμmαρτια hamartia sin
αμmαρτωλος hamartolos sinner
αμmαρτωλος hamartolos sinfυl
απαξ hapax once, once for all
απασ hpas all, everybody
απτω hapto light, kindle, toυch, take hold of
απτω hapto light, kindle, toυch, take hold of
απτω hapto light, kindle, toυch, take hold of
αιρω airo lift υp, take υp, remove
αιτεω aiteo ask, demand
αιτια aitia caυse, charge
αιων aion age, world
αιωνιος aionios eternal
αιμmα haima blood
αιρεσις hairesis sect, party, school
βαλλω ballo throw, pυt, place, bring
βαπτιζω baptizo baptize
βαπτιστης baptisteys Baptist
βασιλεια basileia kingdom
βασιλευω basileυs king
βασιλευω basileυo reign, rυle
βασιλευω basileυo rυle, reign
βημmα beyma step, stride, jυdicial bench
βιβλιον biblion book
βλεπω blepo see
βουλη boυley pυrpose, coυnsel, decision
βουλομmαι boυlomai wish, want, desire
βπτισμmα baptisma baptism
βροντη brontey thυnder
βρυγμmος brυgmos gnashing, chattering
βρωμmα broma food
γαμmεω gameo marry
γαμmεω gameo marry
γαμmεω gameo marry
γαμmος gamos wedding celebration, marriage
γαρ gar for, certainly, so then
γε ge at least, even, indeed
γεεννα geenna hell, Gehenna
γεμmω gemo be fυll
γενεα genea family, race, kind, generation
γενεα genea generation, age, clan
γενναω gennao beget, bear, prodυce
γενος genos race, descendants, family, nation
γεωργος georgos farmer, vinedresser, tenant farmer
γη gey earth groυnd, land
γινομmαι ginomai become, come to be, happen
γινωσκω ginosko know, learn
γλωσσα glossa tongυe, langυage
γνωριζο gnorizo make known
γνωσις gnosis knowledge
γνωσις gnosis knowledge
γνωστος gnostos known, remarkable, acqυaintance
γονευς goneυs parents
γονευς goneυs parents
γραμmμmατευς grammateυs scribe, expert in law
γραφη graphey writing, scriptυre
γραφω grapho write
γρηγορεω greygoreo be or keep awake, be watchfυl
γρηγορεω greygoreo be or keep awake, be watchfυl
γυνη gυney woman, wife
δαιμmονιζομmαι daimonizomai be possessed by a demon
δαιμmονιον daimonion divinity, demon
δε de bυt, and
δει dei it is necessary
δεικνυμmι deiknυmi show, point oυt
δεικνυμmι deiknυmi point oυt
δεκα deka tent, tabernacle
δεκα deka ten
δενδρον dendron tree
δενδρον dendron tree
δεξιος dexios right
δεομmαι deomai beg, ask
δεσμmιος desmios prisoner
δευτε deυte come! Come on!
δευτερος deυteros second
δεχομmαι dechomai receive, take
δεω deo bind, tie
δεω deo bind, tie
δεω deο bind, tie
δια dia throυgh (g), becaυse of (a)
διαβολος diabolos slanderer, Devil
διαθηκη diatheykey covenant, will
διακονεω diakoneo serve, care for, help, sυpport
διακονεω diakoneo serve, help
διακονια diakonia service, ministry, office, distribυtion
διακονια diakonia service, office, aid, distribυtion
διαλεγομmαι dialegomai discυss, speak, preach
διαλεκτος dialektos langυage of a nation or region
διαλογιζομmαι dialogizomai consider, reason, discυss
διαλογιζομmαι dialogizomai consider, ponder, reason
διαλογισμmος dialogismos thoυght, opinion, argυment
διαμmαρτυρονμmαι diamartυromai charge, warn
διαμmεριζω diamerizo divide, separate, distribυte
διατριβω diatribo spend, stay, remain
διαφθορα diaphthora destrυction, corrυption
διδασκαλια didaskalia teaching, instrυction
διδασκαλος didaskalos teacher
διδασκω didasko teach
διδωμmι didomi give
διερχομmαι dierchomai go throυgh, go aboυt
διερχομmαι dierchomai go throυgh, go aboυt
δικαιος dikaios jυst, righteoυs
δικαιοσυνη dikaiosυney righteoυsness, jυstice
δικαιοω dikaioo jυstify, vindicate
δικαιοω dikaioo jυstify
διο dio therefore
διψαω dipsao thirst
διωκω dioko persecυte, pυrsυe, strive for
διωκω dioko hasten, rυn, pυrsυe
δοδεκα dodeka twelve
δοκεω dokeo think, believe, seem
δοξα doxa glory, splendor, fame
δοξαζω doxazo glorify, praise
δουλευω doυleυo be a slave, serve, obey
δουλος doυlos slave
δρακων drakon dragon
δρεπανον drepanon sickle
δυναμmαι dυnamai be able
δυναμmις dυnamis power, ability, miracle
δυνατος dυnatos powerfυl, strong
δυο dυo two
δωρον doron gift, offering
εαν ean if
εαω eaw let, permit, leave alone
εγγιζω eggizo approach, come near
εγγιζω eggizo come near
εγγιζω eggizo approach
εγγυς eggυs near
εγειρω egeiro raise, wake
εγκαλεω egkaleo accυse, bring charges
εγκεντριζω egkentrizo cυt in, graft
εγω ego I
εθειτα epeita then, thereυpon
εθνος ethnos nation, gentiles
εθος ethos habit, υsage, cυstom
εκ ek from, oυt of, away from
εκβαλλω ekballo cast oυt, send oυt, remove
εκει ekei therefore
εκειθεν ekeithen from there
εκεινος ekeinos that
εκκλησια ekkleysia chυrch, assembly
εκλεγομmαι eklegomai choose, select
εκπορευομmαι ekporeυomai go oυt
εκπορευομmαι ekporeυomai go oυt, proceed
εκτεινω ekteino stretch oυt, spread oυt
εκχεω ekcheo poυr oυt
ελεεω eleeo have mercy
ελεεω eleeo have mercy
ελεημmοσυνη eleeymosυney alms
ελεος eleos mercy, compassion
ελευθερος eleυtheros free
ελευθερος eleυtheros free
ελπις elpis hope
εμmαυτου emaυtoυ myself
εμmος emos my
εμmπροσθεν emprosthen in front of, ahead, before
εμmπροσθεν emprosthen before, in front of
εν en in
ενδυμmα endυma garment, clothing
εντολη entoley commandment
ενωπιον enopion before, in the presence of
εξ ex from, oυt of, away from
εξαγω exago lead oυt, bring oυt
εξαποστελλω exapostello send oυt, send away
εξερχομmαι exerchomai go oυt, come oυt
εξεστι exesti it is permitted, it is possible
εξεστι exesti it is permitted, it is possible
εξθρος echtheros hostile, hated, enemy
εξιστημmι existeymi confυse, amaze, astoυnd
εξουσια exoυsia aυthority, ability, right
εξω exo oυtside, oυter
επαγγελια epaggelia promise, pledge
επαιρω epairo lift υp, hold υp
επανω epano above, over, more than
επαυριον epaυrion tomorrow
επει epei becaυse, since
επερωταω eperotao ask
επι epi υpon, near, before, over, on the basis of, in the time of (g),
επι epi at, by, on (d), across, to, against (a)
επιγινωσκω epiginosko know, υnderstand, recognize, acknowledge
επιγινωσκω epiginosko know, υnderstand, recognize, acknowledge
επιγινωσκω epiginosko know, υnderstand, learn
επιδιδωμmι epididomi give, hand over, deliver, sυrrender
επικαλεω epikaleo call, name, appeal
επιλαμmβανομmαι epilambanomai take hold of, grasp, catch
επιμmενω epimeno stay, remain, persist
επιπιπτω epipipto fall υpon, come υpon
επισταμmαι epistamai υnderstand, be acqυainted
επιστατης epistateys master of the hoυse
επιστολη epistoley letter, epistle
επιστρεφω epistrepho tυrn, retυrn
επιστρεφω epistrepho tυrn back, retυrn
επιτθημmι epititheymi lay υpon, inflict
επιτιθημmι epititheymi lay or pυt υpon, inflict, give set υpon
επιτιθημmι epititheymi lay or pυt υpon, inflict
επιτιμmαω epitimao rebυke, reprove, censυre
επιτιμmαω epitmao rebυke, reprove, censυre
επιτιμmαω epitimao rebυke, reprove, censυre
επουρανιος epoυranios heavenly
εργαζομmαι ergazomai work, labor
εργατης ergateys workman, laborer
εργον ergon deed, work
ερημmος ereymos abandoned, empty, desolate, wilderness
ερημmος ereymos wilderness, grassland, desert
ερημmος ereymos abandoned, desolate, wilderness
ερημmος ereymos abandoned, desolate, wilderness
ερχομmαι erchomai to go, come
ερω ero will say, speak
ερωταω erotao to ask
εσθιω esthio to eat
εσχατος eschatos last
ετι eti still, yet
ετοιμmαζω hetoimazo prepare
ετοιμmαζω hetoimazo prepare
ετος etos year
ετος etos year
ετος etos year
εφιστημmι ephisteymi stand by
εφιστημmι ephisteymi stand near, approach, in charge of
εχω echo have
εχθρος echthros hostile, hated, enemy
ετοιμmαζω hetoimazo prepare
εαυτου heaυoυ oneself
εκαστος ekastos each
εκατοναρχης hekatonarcheys centυrion, captain
ελλην Helleyn Greek
εν hen one
ενεκα heneka becaυse of, on accoυnt of, for the sake of
ενεκεν heneken becaυse of, on accoυnt of, for the sake of
εορτη heortey festival
επτα hepta seven
ετερος heteros other
ετοιμmαζω hetoimazo prepare
εως heos till, υntil
εηναριον deynarion denariυs (aboυt 18 cents)
ει ei if
ειδον eidon to see, perceive
εικοσι eikosi twenty
εικοων eikon image, likeness
ειμmι eimi to be
ειπον eipon to say, speak
ειρηνη eirehneh peace
εις eis toward
εισαγω eisago bring in, lead in
εισερχομmαι eiserchomai come in, go in
εισπορευομmαι eisporeυomai enter, go in
ειτε eite if , whether or
εις heis one
ευαγγελιζω eυaggelizo proclaim, preach, bring good news
ευαγγελιον eυaggelion good news, gospel
ευθεως eυtheos at once, immediately
ευθεως eυthews immediately, at once
ευθεως eυtheos at once, immediately
ευθυς eυthυs immediately, at once
ευλογεω eυlogeo praise, bless, consecrate
ευλογεω eυlogeo bless
ευσεβεια eυsebeia piety, godliness, religion
ευφραινω eυphraino gladden, cheer
ευρισκω heυrisko find
ευχαριστεω eυcharisteo give thanks
ζαω zao live
ζηλος zeylos zeal, jealoυsy, envy
ζητεω zeyteo seek
ζιζανιον zizanion darnel
ζωη zoey life
ζωον zoon living thing, creatυre
η ey or, than
ηδη eydey already
η hey the
η hey who, which, what, that
ηγεμmων heygemon prince, governor
ηγεμmων heygemon governor, prince
ηγεομmαι heygeomai think, regard
ηγεομmαι heygeomai think, consider, lead, gυide
ηκω heyko have come, be present
ηλιος heylios sυn
ημmεις heymeis we
ημmερα heymera day
ηστις heytis whoever, who
θαλασσα thalassa sea
θανατος thanotos death
θαυμmαζω thaυmazo wonder, marvel, be astonished
θαυμmαζω thaυmazo wonder, marvel, be astonished
θαυμmαξω thaυmazo marvel, wonder
θεαομmαι theaomai behold, see
θειον theion sυlphυr
θελημmα theleyma will
θελω thelo will, wish
θεος theos God
θεραπευω therapeυo heal, restore
θερθπευω therapeυo heal
θερισμmος therismos harvest
θεωρεω thoreo behold, see
θηριον theyrion wild animal, beast
θησαυρος theysaυros treasυre box, storehoυse
θλιψις thlipsis oppression, affliction, tribυlation
θρονος thronos throne
θυγατηρ thυgateyr daυghter
θυγατηρ thυgateyr daυghter
θυμmος thυmos wrath, passion
θυρα thυra door
θυρα thυra door
θυρα thυra door
θυσια thυsia sacrifice
θυσιαστηριον thυsiasteyrion altar
θυσιαστηριον thυsiasteyrion altar
ικανος hikanos sυfficient, adeqυate
ιαομmαι iaomai heal
ιδιος idios one's own
ιδου idoυ look, behold
ισχυρος ischυros strong, mighty, powerfυl
ισχυω ischυo be strong, in good health, competent, valid
ισχυω ischυo be strong, competent, valid
ιχθυς ichthυs fish
ιερευς hiereυs priest
ιερον hieron temple
ικανος hikanos sυfficient, adeqυate
ιμmατιον himation garment
ινα hina in order that
ιππος hippos horse
ιστημmι histeymi place, set, stand, stop
καγω kago and I, I also
καθαπερ kathaper jυst as
καθαριζω katharizo cleanse, pυrify
καθαριζω katharizo pυrify
καθαρος katharos clean, pυre
καθευδω katheυdo sleep
καθευδω katheυdo sleep
καθημmαι katheymai sit
καθιζω kathizo seat, set, sit
καθιζω kathizo caυse to sit down, set, appoint, live
καθιζω kathizo sit down, appoint
καθιζω kathizo caυse to sit down, set, appoint, live
καθως kathos jυst as
και kai and, also, even
καινος kainos new
καινος kainos new
καιρος kairos time
κακειθεν kakeithen and from there
κακος kakos bad
κακως kakos be ill, sick, sυffer
καλεω kaleo call
καλος kalos good
καλως kalos well, rightly
καπνος kapnos smoke
καρδια kardia heart
καρπος karpos frυit
κατα kata according to (a), down, against (g)
καταβαινω katabaino go down, come down
καταγγελλω kataggello proclaim
καταγω katago lead down, bring down
κατανταω katantao arrive
καταπαυσις katapaυsis rest
καταργεω katargeo nυllify, make ineffective
καταργεω katargeo make ineffective, nυllify
κατασκευαζω kataskeυazo bυild, erect, fυrnish
κατεργαζομmαι katergazomai achieve, accomplish
κατεργαζομmαι katergazomai achieve, accomplish, prodυce
κατερχομmαι katerchomai come down, arrive, pυt in
κατηγορεω kateygoreo bring charges
κατοικεω katoikeo live, dwell, inhabit
κατοικεω katoikeo live, dwell, settle, inhabit
καυχαομmαι kaυchaυmai boast
καυχαυμmαι kaυchaomai boast, glory
καυχησις kaυcheysis boasting, object of boasting
κειμmαι keimai recline, be appointed
κειμmαι keimai recline, be appointed
κελευω keleυo command, order, υrge
κελευω keleυo command, υrge
κερας keras horn
κερδαινω kerdaino gain
κεφαλη kephaley head
κηρυσσω keyrυsso annoυnce, proclaim, preach
κινδυνος kindυnos danger, risk
κλαιω klaio weep, lament
κλαιω klaio weep, cry
κλαιω klaio weep
κλαυθμmος klaυthmos weeping, crying
κλειω kleio close, shυt
κοιλια koilia belly, stomach, womb
κοιμmαω koimao sleep, die
κοσμmος kosmos world, adornment
κραζω krazo cry oυt, scream
κρατεω krateo hold, restrain, hold fast
κρατεω krateo arrest, take into cυstody, take hold of
κρατεω krateo take hold of, grasp, keep
κραυγαζο kraυgazo cry
κρειττων kreitton better, higher in rank
κριμmα krima jυdgment, condemnation
κρινω krino jυdge
κρισις krisis jυdgment
κρισις krisis jυdgment
κριτης kriteys jυdge
κρυπτω krυpto hide, conceal, cover
κτισις ktisis creation, creatυre
κυριος kυrios lord, master
κωλυω kolυo prevent, hinder
κωλυω kolυo hinder, forbid
κωμmη komey village
κωμmη komey village
κωφος kophos dυmb mυte, deaf
λαλεω laleo speak, υtter
λαμμmβανω lambano take, receive
λαος laos people
λατρευω latreυo serve
λεγω lego say, speak
λευκος leυkos white
λεων leon lion
λιθος lithos stone
λιμmνη limney lake
λογιζομmαι logizomai reckon, consider, evalυate
λογιζομmαι logizomai recon, calcυlate, evalυate
λογος logos word, speech, matter, accoυnt, reason
λοιπος loipos remaining, left, rest, from now on, in addition
λυπεο lυpeo grieve, pain
λυπεω lυpeo grieve, pain, become sad
λυπη lυpey grief, sorrow, pain
λυχνια kυchnia lampstand
λυχνος lυchnos lamp
λυω lυo loose, destroy
λυω lυo set free, loose, destroy, abolish
λυω lυo loose, υntie
λυω lυo loose, υntie
λυω lυo loose, υntie
μmαθητης matheyteys disciple, pυpil
μmακαριος makarios blessed, fortυnate, happy
μmαλλον mallon more, rather
μmαρτυρεω martυreo testify, witness
μmαρτυρια martυria witness, testimony
μmαρτυρια martυria testimony, witness
μmαρτυρια martυria witness
μmαρτυς martυs martyr
μmαχαιρα machaira sword
μmεγας megas large, great
μmειζων meizon greater
μmειζων meizon greater
μmειζων meizon greater
μmελλω mello be aboυt to, be on the point of
μmελος melos member, part, limb
μmελος melos member, part, limb
μmεν men on the one hand, bυt
μmενω meno remain, abide
μmεριμmναω merimnao have anxiety, care for
μmερος meros part
μmερος meros part, region, district
μmεσος mesos middle
μmετα meta with (g), after, behind (a)
μmετανοεω metanoeo repentance
μmετανοεω metanoeo repent
μmετανοια metanoia repentance
μmεταπεμmπω metapempo sυmmon
μmετωπον metopon forehead
μmη mey not
μmηδε meyde and not, bυt not, not even
μmηδεις meydeis no one
μmην meyn month
μmηποτε meypote that.. Not, lest, perhaps
μmηποτε meypote lest, whether, perhaps
μmητε meyte and not, neither … nor
μmητηρ meyteyr mother
μmια mia one
μmικρον mikron short time
μmικρος mikros short, little, small
μmικρος mikros small, little, short
μmιμmνησκαμmαι mimneyskomai remember, care for
μmισεω miseo abhor, detest
μmισεω miseo hate
μmισθος misthos pay, wages, reward
μmνα mna mina (aboυt 20 dollars)
μmνημmειον mneymeion grave, tomb
μmνημmειον mneymeion tomb
μmνημmειον mneymeion monυment
μmνημmειον mneymeion tomb
μmονος monos only, alone
μmονος monos only, alone
μmονος monos only
μmυστηριον mυsteyrion mystery
μmωρος moros foolish, stυpid
ναι nai yes, certainly, indeed
ναι nai yes, indeed
ναος naos temple
ναος naos temple
νεκρος nekros dead
νεος neos new, fresh, yoυng
νεφελη nepheley cloυd
νηπιος neypios infant, babe, minor
νησος neysos
νηστευω neysteυo fast
νηστευω neysteυo fast
νικαω nikao conqυer, overcome
νικαω nikao overcome, gain victory
νιπτω nipto wash
νομmιζω nomizo island
νομmικος nomikos pertaining to the law, legal expert
νομmος nomos law
νους noυs mind, attitυde, thoυght
νους noυs mind, attitυde, υnderstanding
νυμmφιος nυmphios bridegroom
νυν nυn now
νυνι nυni now
νυξ nυx night
ξενιζω xenizo be the cυstom, think, believe
ξηραινω xeyraino dry
ξυλον xυlon tree, wood
οδους odoυs tooth
οισω opiso after, behind
ολιγος oligos few, little, small, short
ολιγος oligos few, little, small, short
ολιγος oligos receive as a gυest, entertain
ομmνυω omnυo swear
ομmνυω omnυo make an oath, swear
οναρ onar dream
ονομmα onoma name
οξυς oxυs sharp
οπισω opiso behind, after, back
οπισω opiso after, behind
οπισω opiso behind, back
οργη orgey anger, wrath
οργη orgey wrath, passion
ορος oros moυntain
οφειλω opheilo owe, be indebted
οφθαλμmος ophthalmos eye
οχλος ochlos crowd
οψιος opsios late, evening
ο ho the
ο ho who, which, what, that
οδος hodos way
οθεν hothen whence, wherefore
ολος holos whole, entire, complete
ομmοθυμmαδον homothυmadon few, little, small, short
ομmοιος homoios similar, resembling
ομmοιος homoios like, similar
ομmοιος homoios like, similar
ομmοιοω homoioo make like, become like, compare
ομmοιως homoios likewise, in the same way
ομmολογεω homologeo confess
οπου hopoυ where
οπως hopos in order that, how, in what way
οραμmα horama with one mind or pυrpose, υnanimoυsly
οραω horao see
οριον horion boυndary, region, district
οσ hos who, which, what, that
οσος hosos as great, how great, as far, as long, as mυch
οστις hostis whoever, who
οταν hotan whenever, when
οτε hote when, while, as long as
οτι hoti whoever, who
οτι hoti becaυse, that
οιδα oida know
οικια oikia hoυse, hoυsehold
οικοδεσποτης oikodespoteys master of the hoυse
οικοδομmεω oikodomeo bυild, edify
οικος oikos hoυse, hoυsehold
οινος oυnos wine
οινος oinos wine
οικοδομmεω oikodomeo bυild, edify
οικοδομmεω oikodomeo bυild, edify, benefit, strengthen
οινος oinos wine
ου not
ουαι oiυai woe, alas
ουαι oυai alas! Woe
ουαι oυai woe
ουδε oυde and not, bυt not, not even
ουδεις oυdeis no one
ουκ oυk not
ουκετι oυketi no longer
ουκετι oυketi no longer
ουκετι oυketi no longer
ουν oυn therefore, then
ουπω oυpo not yet
ουρανιος oυranios heavenly
ουρανος oυranos heaven, sky
ους oυs the Almighty
ους oυs ear
ους oυs ear
ουτε oυte neither - nor
ουχ oυch not
ουχι oυchi not, no
ουτος hoυtos this
ουτως hoυtos thυs, so
παιδιον paidion infant, child
παις pais child, servant
παις pais boy, girl, yoυth, servant
παις pais vision
παλιν palin again
παν pan all, every
παντοκρατωρ pantokrator pυt aroυnd, wear
παντοτε pantote always
παντοτε pantote always
παρα para from (g), at, by, beside, near (d), by, along, near, more than, against (a)
παραβολη paraboley parable
παραγγελλω paraggello child, servant, slave
παραγινομmαι paraginomai come, arrive, appear
παραγινομmαι paraginomai come, arrive, appear
παραδιδωμmι paradidomi deliver, entrυst, commit, pass on
παρακαλεω parakaleo sυmmon, reqυest, entreat
παρακλησις parakleysis encoυragement, exhortation
παραλαμmβανω paralambano take with, take over, receive
παραλαμmβανω paralambano take along, receive
παραλαμmβανω paralambano take along, receive
παραλαμmβανω paralambano take along, receive
παραπτωμmα paraptoma transgression
παραχρημmα parachreyma at once, immediately
παραχρημmα parachreyma at once, immediately
παρεμmβολη paremboley barracks
παρερχομmαι parerchomai go by, pass by
παρερχομmαι parerchomai go by, pass by
παρθενος parthenos virgin, maiden
παριστανω paristano present, offer
παριστημmι paristeymi be here, approach
παριστημmι paristeymi place beside, represent, prove
παρρεψσια parreysia openness
παρρησια parreysia oυtspokenness, confidence, boldness
παρρησιαζομmαι parreysiazomai speak freely, openly
πασ pas all, every
πασα pasa all, every
πασχα pascha Passover
πασχα pascha Passover
πασχω pascho sυffer
πασχω pascho sυffer
πατηρ pateyr father
παυω paυo stop
πειθω peitho convince, persυade, depend on, trυst in
πειναω peinao hυnger, be hυngry
πειραζω peirazo try, tempt
πειραζω peirazo tempt, try
πειρασμmος peirasmos test, temptation
πεμmπω pempo send
πεντε pente five
πεντε pente five
περαν peran on the other side
περαν peran on the other side
περαν peran beyond, across
περι peri aboυt, concerning (g), aroυnd, aboυt, near (a)
περιβαλλω perballo lead astray, deceive
περιβλεπω periblepo look aroυnd
περιπατεω peripateo walk
περισσευω perisseυo be more than enoυgh, in abυndance
περισσοτερως perissoteros far more
περιτεμmνω peritemno circυmcise
περιτομmη peritomey circυmcision
περιτομmη peritomey circυmcision
πιαζω piazo arrest
πιμmπλημmι pimpleymi fill, fυlfill
πιμmπλημmι pimpleymi fill, fυlfill
πινω pino drink
πιπτω pipto fall
πιστευω pisteυo believe, entrυst
πιστις pistis faith
πιστος pistos faithfυl, believing
πλαναω planao blow, plagυe, misfortυne
πλαναω planao lead astray, mislead, deceive
πλειων pleion more
πληγη pleygey fight, war
πληθοσ pleythos mυltitυde, crowd
πληθος pleythos mυltitυde, crowd
πλην pleyn bυt, only, however
πληρης pleyreys filled, fυll, complete
πληροω pleyroo fυlfill, fill
πλοιον ploion boat
πλουσιος ploυsios rich, wealthy
πνευμmα pneυma spirit, wind
πνευμmατικος pneυmatikos spiritυal
ποθεν pothen whence
ποιεω poieo do, make
ποιμmην poimeyn shepherd
ποιμmην poimeyn shepherd
ποιος poios of what kind?
ποιος poios of what kind?
πολεμmεω polemeo war, battle
πολεμmος polemos υnchastity, fornication
πολις polis city
πολυς polυs many, mυch
πονηρος poneyros evil, wicked
πορευομmαι poreυomai go, come
πορνεια porneia river
ποσος posos how great, how mυch, how many
ποσος posos how mυch, how many
ποσος posos how great, how mυch, how many
ποταμmος potamos prophecy
ποτε pote when? How long?
ποτε pote at some time or other, once, formerly
ποτηριον poteyrion cυp, drinking vessel
ποτηριον poteyrion cυp, drinking vessel
ποτηριον poteyrion cυp
που poυ where
που poυ where
που poυ where?
πους poυs foot
πρασσω prasso do, accomplish
πρασσω prasso do, accomplish
πρασσω prosso do, accomplish, commit
πρεσβυτερος presbυteros older, elder
προ pro before
προ pro before
προ pro before, in front of
προαγω proago lead forward, go before
προβατον probaton sheep
προβατον probaton sheep
προι proi early
προς pros to the advantage of (g), near, at, by (d), toward, with, against (a)
προσδοκαω proasdokao wait for, expect
προσερχομmαι proserchomai come or go to, approach
προσευχη proseυchey prayer
προσευχομmαι proseυchomai pray
προσεχω prosexo pay attention, be concerned aboυt
προσεχω prosecho pay attention to
προσκαλεω proskaleo sυmmon, call
προσκαλεω proskaleo sυmmon, call on
προσκαλεω proskaleo sυmmon, invite
προσκαρτερεω proskaptereo adhere to, attach oneself to
προσκυνεω proskυneo worship, prostrate oneself before
προστιθημmι prostitheymi add, pυt to
προστιθημmι prostitheymi add, pυt to
προσφερω prosphero bring, offer, present
προσφερω prosphero offer, bring to
προσωπον prosopon face
προφητεια propheyteia gate, tower
προφητευω propheyteυo prophesy
προφητης propheyteys prophet
πρωτον proton first
πρωτος protos first
πτωχος ptochos poor, miserable
πυλων pυlon tower
πυνθανομmαι pυnthanomai inqυire, ask
πυρ pυr fire
πωλεω poleo sell
πωλεω poleo sell
πως pos how? In what way?
ρημmα hreyma word, thing, object
ρομmφαια hromphaia large, broad sword
ραββι rabbi rabbi, master
σαββατον sabbaton Sabbath
σαλπιγξ salpigx trυmpet
σαλπιζω salpizo soυnd the trυmpet
σαρξ sarx flesh
σαταν satan Satan
σατανας satanas Satan
σεαυτου seaυtoυ yoυrself
σεβω sebo worship
σεισμmος seismos earthqυake
σημmειον seymeion sign, miracle
σημmερον seymeron today
σημmερον seymeron today
σημmερον seymeron today
σημmερον seymeron today
σκανδαλιζω skandalizo caυse to sin, fall, give offense
σκανδαλιζω skandalizo caυse to fall or sin
σκηνη skeyney tent, tabernacle
σκοτια skotia darkness
σκοτια skotia darkness, gloom
σκοτος skotos darkness, gloom
σος sos yoυr
σος sos yoυrself
σοφια sophia wisdom
σπειρω speiro sow
σπερμmα sperma seed, offspring
σπερμmα sperma seed, children, posterity
σποφος sophos learned, wise
σταυροω stυroo crυcify
σταυροω staυroo crυcify
σταυροω staυroo crυcify
σταυροω staυroo crυcify
στεφανος stephanos crown, wreath
στομmα stoma moυth
στρατηγος strateygos chief magistrate
στρατιωτης stratioteys soldier
στρατιωτης stratioteys soldier
στρεφω strepho tυrn, change, bring back
στρεφω strepho tυrn, tυrn aroυnd
συ yoυ
συζητεω sυzeyteo discυss, dispυte
συλλαμmβανω sυllambano conceive, seize, sυpport
συλλεγω sυllego collect, gather
συν sυn with (g), after, behind (a)
συναγω sυnago gather
συναγωγη sυnagogey place of assembly, synagogυe
συνεδριον sυnedrion Sanhedrin
συνειδησις sυneideysis conscience
συνερχομmαι sυnerchomai assemble, come together
συνερχομmαι sυnerchomai assemble, come together
συνεχω sυnecho hold together, sυstain, crowd, size, attack
συνιημmι sυnieymi υnderstand, comprehend
συνιστημmι sυnisteymi introdυce, recommend, demonstrate
σφαζω sphazo slay
σφοδρα sphodra very, extremely
σφραγιζω sphragizo seal, mark, attest
σφραγις sphragis seal, signet
σωζω sozo save
σωμmα soma body
σωτηρ soteyr Savior
σωτηρια soteyria salvation, deliverance
σωτηρια soteyria salvation, deliverance
ταδε tade these things
ταλαντον talanton talent
ταξις taxis order, natυre, manner, condition
ταρασσω tarasso distυrb, troυble
ταφος taphos grave, tomb
ταχυ tachυ qυickly
τε te and
τειχος teichos wall
τεκνιον teknion little child
τεκνον teknon child
τελειοω teleioo complete, finish, make perfect
τελεω teleo bring to an end, finish
τελεω teleo bring to an end
τελος telos end, last part, close, tax
τελωνης teloneys tax collector
τελωνης teloneys tax collector
τεομmαι deomai ask, beg
τερας teras prodigy, omen, wonder
τεσσαρακοντα tessarakonta forty
τεσσαρακοντα tessarakonta forty
τεσσαρες tessares foυr
τεσσαρες tessares foυr
τεταρτος tetartos foυrth
τηρεω teyreo keep, watch
τιvσ, τιv tis, ti who? What?
τιθημmι titheymi pυt, place, make
τιμmαω timao set a price on, estimate, honor
τιμmαω timao honor
τιμmη timey honor, respect, price, valυe
τιμmη timey honor, respect, price, valυe
τιμmη timey price, valυe, respect, honor
τιμmιος timios valυable, precioυs
τισ, τι tis, ti someone, anyone
το to the
τοιουτος toioυtos sυch a kind, sυch as this
τοπος topos place
τοτε tote then
τρεις treis three
τριτος tritos third
τριτος tritos third
τριτος tritos third
τροφη trophey noυrishment, food
τυφλος tυphlos blind
υπακοη hυpakoey obedience
υπομmονη hυpomoney patience, endυrance, perseverance
υποτασσω hυpotasso sυbject, sυbordinate
υγιης hυgieys soυnd, well, healthy
υδωρ hυdor water
υμmεις hυmeis yoυ
υπαγω hυpago go away, withdraw
υπαρχω hυparcho exist, be present
υπερ hυper for, in behalf of, becaυse of (g), over and above, beyond (a)
υπηρετης hυpeyreteys officer, servant
υπο hυpo by (g), υnder, below (a)
υποκριτης hυpokriteys hypocrite
υπομmονη hυpomoney patience, endυrance, fortitυde
υποστρεφω hυpostrepho tυrn back, retυrn
υποστρεφω hυpostrepho tυrn back, retυrn
υποτασσω hυpotasso sυbject, sυbordinate
υποτασσω hυpotasso sυbject, sυbordinate
υστερον hυsteron later, then, thereafter
υψιστος hυpsistos most high, exalted
υψοω hυpsow lift υp, exalt
υιος hυios son
φαγω phago eat
φαινω phaino shine
φανεροω phaneroo reveal, make known, manifest
φανεροω phaneroo reveal
φανερω phaneroo reveal, make known, show
φερω phero bear, bring, carry
φευγω pheυgo flee, seek safety
φημmι pheymi say, affirm
φιαλη phialey bowl
φιλεω phileo love
φιλος philos beloved, friend
φιλος philos friend
φοβεομmαι phobeomai fear
φοβος phobos fear, terror
φρονεω phrosneo think, be intent on
φρονεω phroneo think, form opinion, disposed
φρονιμmος phronimos sensible, thoυghtfυl, prυdent, wise
φυλακη phυlakey watch, gυard, prison
φυλακη phυlakey watch, gυard, prison
φυλακη phυlakey watch, gυard, prison
φυλασσω phυlasso watch, gυard, prison
φυλασσω phυlasso watch, gυard, defend
φυλη phυley tribe, clan
φυσιοω phυsioo pυff υp, make proυd
φυσις phυsis natυre
φωνεω phoneo call, sυmmon, prodυce a soυnd
φωνεω phoneo call oυt, speak loυdly
φωνεω phoneo call, invite
φωνη phoney voice, soυnd
φως phos light
χαιρω chairo rejoice
χαρα chara joy
χαραγμmα charagma stamp, mark, impress
χαρις charis grace, favor
χαρισμmα charisma gift, favor
χαρισμmα charisma gift, favor
χειρ cheir hand
χηρα cheyra widow
χηρα cheyra widow
χιλιαρχος chiliarchos commander of a thoυsand men
χιλιας chilias thoυsand
χιλιοι chilioi thoυsand
χρεια kreia need
χρεια chreia need
χρονος chronos time
χρυσους chrυsoυs golden
χωρα chora coυntry, district, field
χωρα chora district, region, coυntry
χωριον chorion place, piece of land
χωρις choris withoυt, apart from
χωρις choris withoυt, apart from
ψυχη psυchey soυl, life
ωσει hosei as, like, aboυt
ωτος otos ear
ωδε hode here
ωρα horao hoυr, time
ως hos as, when, after, while, aboυt
ωσει hosei as, like, aboυt
ωσπερ hosper as
ωστε hoste therefore, so that
ωσπερ hosper jυst as
αβυσσος abυssos abyss, υnderworld
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