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GEO Semester 2 Final

GEO Semester 2

site of worst nuclear accident ever Chernobyl
father of Communism Karl Marx
nation once known as Ottoman Empire Turkey
popular crop in Africa peanuts
Israel was created out of what former country? Palestine
world's highest mountain Mt. Everest
Russia's 2nd largest city St. Petersburg
nation created out of Pakistan Bangladesh
leader of Iraq until 2003 Saddam Hussein
Jewish nation in Middle East Israel
Gaddafi led nation until he was overthrown and killed Libya
most popular baseball team in Japan Tokyo Giants
flag grassland of tropical weathered region savanna
world leader in fight against AIDS Uganda
2 key cities in Egypt Cairo and Alexandria
U.S. bombed these two cities to end WWII Hiroshima and Nagasaki
U.S. helped this nation in 1991 war vs. Iraq Kuwait
led solidarity movement in Poland Lech Walesa
loser of Chinese Civil War; fled and founded Taiwan Chiang Kai-shek
military takeover coup
nuclear energy program is concern for rest of world North Korea
he broke non-agression pact with Stalin Adolf Hitler
England sent prisoners there due to overcrowding Australia
leader of 1917 Russian Revolution Vladimir Lenin
protected by DMZ border South Korea
huge oil industry; 9/11 hijackers from there Saudi Arabia
1st Black President of South Africa Nelson Mandela
China produces 80% of their products Wal Mart
area of great tectonic activity Ring of Fire
Poland's dominant religion today? Why? Catholic due to the Holocaust
nations is 2x size of California; 1/7 Africa's population Nigeria
nation known as "Little Russia" Ukraine
when non-whites were segregated in South Africa apartheid
why is Dead Sea "dead"? vast minerals in water
world's 6th largest country Australia
Camp David Accords were between what 2 nations? Egypt and Israel
brightly colored scarf worn like dress sari
year of Sydney Olympic games 2000
Australia's 3 key cities in the Urban Rim Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne
country has grown due to promotion of tourism Nepal
original inhabitants of Australia Aborigines
5 castes of India Brahmans, Vaisyas, Sudras, Kshatriyas, Untouchables
produces 1/4 of the world's kiwi New Zealand
Hindu nation created out of India Pakistan
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