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geography yr 5


a tropical rainforest is found in hot humid countries / environments near the equator
there are three main areas of for the rainforest which are the Amazon, Central Africa and south east Asia
the amazon makes up over half of the worlds rainforests
the climate is humid and hot and rains almost everyday
the average rainfall is 2104mm in a year
tropical rainforests have dense vegetation
the crown is at the top, the forest floor at the bottom and the canopy is inbetween
vegetation on the forest floor has large leaves to help catch any sunlight that comes through it is dark and gloomy with very little vegetation between the trees this area can flood during heavy rainfall .
leaves on forest floor are waxy and have drip tips to shed rain from the tree so they don't become too heavy
the leaves are larger so they can make the most of any sunlight that comes through
rainforest trees have shallow roots because nutrients are found in the top layer of the soil
the trees grow very quickly because they need grow to get sunlight
the canopy is were the upper parts of the trees are found
the canopy is 20 - 40 m tall this leafy environment is home to insects spiders birds and some mammals
the emergents are the tops of the tallest trees in the rainforests 50 m tall trunks straight and branch less so can get to sunlight
emergants have small leaves the seeds from the trees are dispersed by the wind
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