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Ultra Latin Derivs

Senectute Senescence
Avocet Avocation
Iuventute Rejuvenate
Seniles Senility
Gubernatorem Gubernatorial
Velocitate Velocity
Serat Disseminate
Tauri Taurus
Tempestivitas Tempest
Ferocitas Ferocity
Vituperatio Vituperate
Temperantiae Temperence
Rugae Rugose
Extulit Extol
Indigentia Indigent
Iucunditas Jocundity
Requies Quiescent
Solacium Solace
Adversas Adverse
Negant Abnegation
Benevolentia Benevolence
Caritus Charity
Consensio Consensus
Debilitari Debilitate
Arbitraris Arbitrament
Particeps Tripartite
Sententiam Sententious
Trucidari Truculent
Salus Salutary
Lenius Lenity
Hortor Hortatory
Expiditi Expiditious
Plebe Plebian
Umerum Humeral
Latens Latent
Egressus Egress
Lamentatione Lamentable
Flagravit Flagrant
Collocaret Collocation
Obire Obviate
Impetum Impetus
Derivandi Derivative
Absolverunt Absolution
Paucissimos Paucity
Created by: lapplebey