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Latin 1 Noun Review

Review of Latin 1 Nouns

Latin WordEnglish Definition
agricola, agricolae (M) Farmer
anima, animae (F) Spirit, Breath
aqua, aquae (F) Water
ara, arae (F) Altar
casa, casae (F) House, Hut
causa, causae (F) Cause
cena, cenae (F) Dinner
copia, copiae (F) Supply, Troops(Pl.)
corona, coronae (F) Crown
cura, curae (F) Care, Concern
dea, deae (F) Goddess
disciplina, disciplinae (F) Female student
fabula, fabulae (F) Story
fama, famae (F) Fame, Rumor
familia, familiae (F) Family
femina, feminae (F) Woman
filia, filiae (F) Daughter
forma, formae (F) Form, Shape
fortuna, fortunae (F) Fortune
gallia, galliae (F) Gaul(France)
insula, insulae (F) Island
ira, irae (F) Anger
italia, italiae (F) Italy
lingua, linguae (F) Language, Tongue
magistra, magistrae (F) Teacher(F)
matrona, matronae (F) Matron
memoria, memoriae (F) Memory
natura, naturae (F) Nature
nauta, nautae (M) Sailor
nympha, nymphae (F) Nymph
paeninsula, paeninsulae (F) Peninsula
patria, patriae (F) Native land
pecunia, pecuniae (F) Money
poena, poenae (F) Punishment
porta, portae (F) Gate, Door
poeta, poetae (F) Poet
provincia, provinciae (F) Province
puella, puellae (F) Girl
pugna, pugnae (F) Battle, Fight
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regia, regiae (F) Palace
regina, reginae (F) Queen
roma, romae (F) Rome
silva, silvae (F) Forest
statua, statuae (F) Statue
terra, terrae (F) Land, Earth
unda, undae (F) Wave
via, viae (F) Road, Way
villa, villae (F) Farmhouse
vita, vitae (F) Life
amicus, amici (M) 2nd Friend
caelum, caeli (N) 2nd Sky
bellum, belli (N) 2nd War
auxillium, auxilli (N) 2nd Help
annus, anni (M) 2nd Year
campus, campi (M) 2nd Feild
carrus, carri (M) 2nd Cart, Wagon
cibus, cibi (M) 2nd Food
consilium, consili (M) 2nd Plan, Counsel
deus, dei (M) 2nd God
dolus, doli (M) 2nd Trick
dominus, domini (M) 2nd Master, Lord
donum, doni (N) 2nd Gift
equus, equi (M) 2nd Horse
exemplum, exempli (N) 2nd Example
filius, fili (M) 2nd Son
frumentum, frumenti (N) 2nd Grain
gladius, gladi (M) 2nd Sword
imperium, imperi (N) 2nd Power
locus, loci (M) 2nd Place
ludus, ludi (M) 2nd School, Game
magister, magistri (M) 2nd Teacher (M)
monstrum, monstri (N) 2nd Monster
murus, muri (M) 2nd Wall
navigium, navigi (N) 2nd Small boat
officium, offici (N) 2nd Duty, Office
oppidum, oppidi (N) 2nd Town
otium, oti (N) 2nd Leisure
periculum, periculi (N) 2nd Danger
populus, populi (M) 2nd People
proelium, proeli (N) 2nd Battle
puer, pueri (M) 2nd Boy
ramus, rami (M) 2nd Branch
rivus, rivi (M) 2nd River
sacrificium, sacrifici (N) 2nd Sacrifice
servus, servi (M) 2nd Slave
signum, signi (N) 2nd Sign, Signal
socius, soci (M) 2nd Ally, Comrade, Companion
somnus, somni (M) 2nd Sleep
templum, templi (N) 2nd Temple
ventus, venti (M) 2nd Wind
verbum, verbi (N) 2nd Word
vinum, vini (N) 2nd Wine
vir, viri (M) 2nd Man, Hero
albus, alba, album White
altus, alta, altum High, Deep
antiquus, antiqua, antiquum Old, Ancient
aureus, aurea, aureum Golden
benignus, benigna, benignum Kind
bonus, bona, bonum Good
carus, cara, carum Dear
clarus, clara, clarum Famous, Shining, Bright, Clear
durus, dura, durum Hard
ferus, fera, ferum Wild
formosus, formosa, formosum Handsome
gratus, grata, gratum Pleasing, Grateful
latus, lata, latum Wide
liber, libera, liberum Free
longus, longa, longum Long
magnus, magna, magnum Great, Large
malus, mala, malum Bad, Evil
meus, mea, meum My, Mine
miser, misera, miserum Wretched, Miserable
multus, multa, multum Many, Much
noster, nostra, nostrum Our, Ours
novus, nova, novum New
parvus, parva, parvum Small, Little
pauci, paucae, pauca Few
perpetuus, perpetua, perpetuum Perpetual
pulcher, pulchra, pulchrum Beautiful
reliquus, reliqua, reliquum Rest, Remaining
romanus, romana, romanum Roman
sacer, sacra, sacrum Holy, Sacred
sauvus, saeva, saevum Savage
solus, sola, solum Sole, Only, Alone
suus, sua, suum (reflexive) His, Her, Its, Their, Theirs
tardus, tarda, tardum Late
totus, tota, totum Whole, Entire
tutus, tuta, tutum Safe
tuus, tua, tuum Your, Yours (Sing.)
vester, vestra, vestrum Your, Yours (Pl.)
Created by: TimLatin2