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Vocabulary for Final

Important Vocabulary to Prepare for the Final Exam

If…then statement; a possible answer to the problem Hypothesis
Possible error in an experiment Bias (experimental)
Found to the left of zig zag line; shiny, malleable, ductile, conductors Metals
Found to the right of zig zag; non-shiny, not malleable, not ductile, not good conductors Nonmetals
Has qualities of both metals and nonmetals Metalloids
The arrangement of elements showing a specific pattern Periodic Table
The physical appearance of an organism (what you see--example: Brown hair) Phenotype
natural resource that is not replaced in timely manner Nonrenewable resource
specific source of pollution Point source pollution
pollution not from one particular source--widely spread source of pollution Non-point source pollution
1 parent; offspring identical; no genetic variation Asexual reproduction
2 parents; sperm/egg; genetic variation Sexual reproduction
Electron in outermost energy level of an atom Valence electron
Subatomic particle with a neutral charge; in nucleus Neutron
Negatively charged subatomic particle; in electron cloud Electron
What an atom is believed to look like Atomic model
elements in the same vertical column; similar characteristics Group
elements in the same horizontal row on the table period
father of Genetics; experiments on pea plants Gregor Mendel
1st to organize the Periodic Table by increasing atomic mass Mendeleev
change of a substance into a new substance; break down and rebuild of atoms Chemical reaction
humans contribute large amounts of these gases into the atmosphere; main cause of ozone depletion CFC's
In the stratosphere, stops most UV rays from reaching Earth's surface Ozone layer
what is changed in an experiment Manipulated variable
changes because the manipulated variable changes Responding variable
The term for a substance which can conduct electric current under some conditions, but not as well as metals Semiconductors
group of 2 or more atoms held by covalent bond; share electrons Molecule
atom with a charge Ion
trapping of heat near a planet’s surface by certain gases Greenhouse effect
Positively charged subatomic particle proton
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