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Unit 12

Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands

Aborigines first Australians according to scientist; crossed a land bridge from south east asia to Australia; They were nomadic herders and gathers
Australia both a continent and a country; 6th largest nation but the smallest continent except for Antarctica
Captain James Cook 1770- claimed the Australia for Brittain
What does England use Australia for? For England, Australia became a solution for overcrowding including prisoners
Immigrants from what two countries head to Australia after WWII? Greece and Italy
Urban Rim center of australian life numerous cities on the southeastern coast
Sydney oldest and largest city in Australia, has a tremendous harbor, & is a very cultured city
Where were the 2000 Olympics held? Sydney, Australia
Melbourne 2nd largest city and has good harbors and industry
Canberra national capital of Australia
Tasmania technically an island state; broke away from the mainland 1200 years ago
East Coast Also known as the Sunshine Coast; home to the Great Barrier Ree
Great Barrier Reef worlds largest coral reef, biggest structure created by organisms
Darwin closest city to Asia; city was bombed by the Japanese in WWII
Outback australia’s harsh wilderness region of the central and western plains
artesian Well wells that are drilled deep enough to tap into a layer of porous material filled with ground water
How big is the Pacific Ocean? 70 million sq miles
What makes up the backbone of New Zealand's land scape Volcanoes
Geysers hot springs that propel jets of steam and heated water into the air
Maori native new zealanders of polynesian descent
Europeans arrived in New Zealand in what year? 1769
Example of Urban Cities in New Zealand Auckland and Christchurch
Nations of The Pacific Islands Fiji, Marshall Islands, and Samoa
Pacific Islands Exports Pineapples and coconuts
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