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5 Health Chapter 2

B vitamins eight different vitamins that work together
balanced diet a diet containing all the nutrients necessary to keep you healthy
bicuspid teeth used for crushing
calcium most common mineral found in the human body
carbohydrates nutrient that gives you energy for physical activity
cuspid teeth used for tearing
digestion the breaking down of food into a form into a form the body can use
energy ability to do work
epiglottis tiny flap of cartilage that closes the opening to the trachea
esophagus long tube that connects the throat to the stomach
fats and oils nutrient that you need the least amount of
fiber nutrient that comes from rough part of fruits and vegetables and helps your body eliminate waste materials
incisor teeth used for cutting
iodine a lack of this mineral can cause a goiter
iron mineral that helps keep your blood stay healthy
magnesium mineral you need more of when you are involved in strenuous activities
metabolism the process by which your body produces and was energy from food
molar teeth used for grinding
nutrients substances found in food that help your body grow and develop
phosphorus mineral that works with calcium to help maintain strong teeth and bones
protein nutrient that helps build and repair muscle tissue
saliva digestive juice in the mouth
trachea the windpipe
Vitamin A vitamin which the body produces with the help of carotene that helps eyesight
Vitamin C water-soluble vitamin that the body cannot store
Vitamin D sunshine vitamin
Vitamin K vitamin that helps to clot the blood
osteoporosis a disease in which the bones of adults become fragile
Calories the measurement of the amount of energy in food
unsaturated fats vegetable oils and fish oils
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