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sight words 1

I see ___ dog. a
Kiki ___ Ollie are nice. and
Put your toys ____. away
Baxter is getting ___. big
The sky is ___. blue
Ana ___ play soccer. can
Ms. McCann can ___ over. come
Did you ___ the book? find
Who is that ___? for
My mommy is ___! funny
Crissy will ___ shopping. go
I like to ___ Grandma. help
The book goes in ___. here
Put it ___ the trash. in
What ___ that? is
Mommy can't find ___. it
Ana likes to ___ rope. jump
Kiki was ___ when she was a baby. little
Did you ___ under the bed? look
Rachael will help me ___ dinner. make
Is that for ___? me
I put ___ clothes away. my
Willie did ___ do it! not
Ollie likes to ___ on the computer. play
Ollie like the color ___. red
Ana can ___ very fast! run
Crissy ___ that we were good today! said
Did you ___ Coach Terri? see
I ate ___ apple. the
Mommy has ___ kids. three
I went ___ the park. to
I have ___ brothers. two
I held the ball ___ high. up
Can ___ play a game? we
___ is Papa? where
The sun is ___. yellow
I really like ___. you