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Semester test

Mrs.drydens home room test

List the steps of the Scientific Method Observe Hypothisis Plan Data Conclusion Next Steps
During which part of the Scientific Method would you experiment and record what you learned from your experiment Data
Who is considered the father of microbiology,mainly because he created the single lens microscope Avon van leewenhoek
What are the observable characteristics of an object Properties
What are pieces of information that come to you directly from your senses Facts
What are places that you can information Resources
We can only see objects as they reflect __________ back to our eyes Light
___________is curved outward and magnifies or makes objects appear larger Convex
___________ is curved inward and makes objects appear smaller concave
magnification is directly related to how curved the _______ is lens
if you are given a flat piece of glass,or a curved piece of glass---which could be a magnifier curved piece
who invented the single lens microscope avon van leewenhoek
what are two types of microscopes mirror,battery,ect.
what is the field of veiw what you see the way you see it
as the power is increased on a microscope,what happens to the field of view it gets smaller
on a microscope,what is the part you look through eyepeice
on a microscope,what is the part you place your specimen on stage
what type of microscope has at least two lens compound microscope
who created the compound microscope and created drawings of the objects that he could see robert hooke
what 2 cell parts do plants have that animals dont have cell wall,cloroplast
what are the smallest living parts cells
which cell part surrounds the cell allowing materials to come in and out cell membrane
which cell part contains chromosones nucleus
in a plant,which cell part uses energy from the sun to make food cloroplast
cells have different shapes to fit their _____ jobs
cells make tissue,tissue make ______,and ______ make ________ ___________ tissue makes organs. organs make organ systems
what major system is accosiated with the circulatory system heart
what system has the trachea and alveoli respitory
what system breaks down food digestive
which system allows waste to exit the body in a form of urine urinary
what system works with the skeletal system to make the body move muskular
Created by: Stormy131618