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Flect/Flex= bend; Frail/Fract= break, shatter

circumflex to bend around or curve
deflect to turn or move to one side; to bend; to swerve
flexible capable of bending without breaking
flexor a muscle that bends a part of the body, such as an arm or a leg
inflection the bending of a person's voice so that it does not sound boring or within only one tone; making one's voice go up and down
inflexible not capable of being bent without breaking
reflect to bend or throw back light or heat; to fold or turn back
reflection the image in a mirror that is a result of bending light when it is thrown back
reflex angle an angle that is greater than 180 degrees because the angle is bent beyond the straight line
retroflex bent or turned backward
fractals the type of geometry that creates broken patterns out of a smaller version of a design
fraction a part of a whole; a broken piece of something that is no longer whole
fracture a break in a part of the body
fragile so delicate that it could break easily; easily damaged
fragment an incomplete sentence; a break in a sentence
fragmented describes something that is broken into pieces
frail being easily broken or destroyed
infraction a broken rule; a violation
refract to bend light so that it looks like it is broken
suffrage to break into an issue; to vote
Created by: nema.mcginnis



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