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Set C JC

Ripples in The Rockpool

Give the full title of this set work? Ripples in the rockpool from The Granuaile Suite
Name the composer? Shaun Davey
List some other pieces written by him? The Brendan Voyage Suite for uilleann pipes and orchestra, The Pilgrim, ',May we never have to say goodbye'
Briefly state waht the Granualie suite is about? Based on the life of the pirate queen Grace O' Malley in the 16th century. It tells the story of her adventurous life sailing around the seas of Ireland. Donal an Chogaidh was her husband, killed by the Joyce clan for capturing one of their castles.
State the tonality, time signature, tempo, mood, and texture? Re mode, frequently changing time sigs, fast, restless/exciting, homophonic
How many bars of an intro is played? 2 bars.
Describe what the intro sounds like? Violas playing repeated nsemiquavers, cellos play tied semibreves like a drone.Sets the tension filled scene.
Who sings the first verse/verse 2? Female solo "Ripples in the water of the rockpool sun"
Who accompanies the first verse? Guitar, violas, cellos, harp
Naame some melodic features of verse 1/verse 2? Use of a 4 note pattern which is repeated a step lower,
Name a rhythmic feature of verse 1/verse 2? Use of changing time signatures (Creates a restless mood)
What are the words for the start of verse 2? 'Donal an Chogaidh will you marry me'
How does the vocal line change in the chorsus? A male voice is added, they sing in harmony
How does the accomp change in the chorus? Pizzicato double bass, harp accented chords.
What are the lyrics for the start of verse 3? Donail an Chogaidh will you sail with me'
What are the lyrics for the start of verse 4? ' I can feel the tide falling in the rain'
Describe the vocals for verse3/verse 4? Male and female sing in harmony.
Who plays off beat notes in verse 3? Violin
What musical feature happens on ' but the wind is surely rising in verse 4 and verse 5? Word painting- the image of the wind rising is shown by the flute and clarinet playing a rising scale.
Which instruments play the 'battle cry'? Describe what it sounds like? flute, oboe, clarinet and uillean pipes, a lively motif with grace notes
What happens after the word 'dowry' at the end of verse 6? Violins play a rising scale.
What dance is played in this work? A reel
Who plays the reel Uileann pipes
Which instrument plays a glissando later on? Harp
What is the name of the section where you hear the battle cry? The bridge
Which instruments are added to the 3rd bridge? Xylophone and violins
Which African instrument is added to the 4th bridge? Congas
Describe the sound of the fianl chorus? Full ensemble,horns, trumpets, drums also. Ends abruptly/dramatically with semiquaver rhythm played loudly.
What genres of music are fused for this work? Irish traditional music (use of uillean pipes, harp, use of reel dance) and Classical music (instruments from symphony orchestra) and ethnic music ( conga drums)
Created by: goneill
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