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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 2031 - 2040

罷める やめる to resign; to retire; to quit; to leave (one's job, etc.) squint, ability = quit 罒能 = 罷
トン ton (now usu. a metric ton, i.e. 1,000kg) earthworm = barracks
も duckweed; seaweed; algae flowers, water, chirping birds = seaweed ⺾ 氵喿 = 藻
隷* れい slave dirt, show, sieve = slave 土示隶 = 隷
癒す いやすto heal; to cure sickness, nick of time = healing 疒愈 = 癒
に red earth; vermilion rust-colored
かた lagoon water, mortar, bound up-tail feathers = lagoon 氵臼 bound up-tail feathers = 潟
うし sign of the Cow sign of the Cow
う sign of the Hare g-receipt, stamp = sign of the Hare g-receipt卩 = 卯
み sign of the Snake sign of the Snake
癒着 ゆちゃく adhesion (medical); conglutination; 2: collusion; healing, don = adhesion (medical); conglutination; 2: collusion; 癒着
隷従 れいじゅう slavery slave, accompany = slavery 隷従
尚且つ なおかつ besides; and yet esteem, moreover = besides; and yet 尚且つ
罷免 ひめん dismissal; discharge quit, excused = dismissal; discharge 罷免
遵守 じゅんしゅ compliance; adherence (to a set of rules); (religious) observance abide by, guard = compliance; adherence (to a set of rules); (religious) observance 遵守
罷* ひ quit squint, ability = quit 罒能 = 罷
癒* ゆ healing sickness, nick of time = healing 疒愈 = 癒
且つ かつ yet; moreover; and shelf = moreover
*守 しゅ defend; guard; obey; protect; house, inch = guard
めん dismissal bound up, sun, human legs = excused
なお furthermore; still; yet; more; still more; in addition; greater; further small, hood, mouth = esteem
じゅう subordinate; secondary; junior; incidental flash, horny mender = accompany
ちゃく counter for suits of clothing; arriving at ... wool, eye = don
遵* じゅん abide by revered, road = abide by 尊⻌ = 遵
Created by: keropin