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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 2021 - 2030

魔女 まじょ witch witch, woman = witch 魔女
魅了 みりょう fascination; to charm; to fascinate; to mesmerize fascination, complete = fascination 魅了
かたまり lump; mass; bundle; clump; clod; cluster dirt, ogre = clod 土鬼 = 塊
襲う おそう to attack; to assail; to make an assault; to strike; to hunt down; to succeed (someone in a post, role); to make a sudden visit old dragon, garment = attack 龍衣 = 襲
嚇す かくす to threaten, to menace mouth, incandescent = menacing 口赫 = 嚇
ちん We; Our; first person pronoun used by royalty moon, golden calf = majestic plural 月关 = 朕
雰囲気 ふんいき atmosphere (e.g. musical); mood; ambience; ambiance atmosphere, surround, spirit = atmosphere 雰囲気
か counter for the ichi-ni-san counting system (usu. directly preceding the item being counted); a noun read using its on-yomi bamboo, harden = item ⺮固 = 箇
錬れる ねれる to be well-kneaded; to be seasoned; to be experienced; to be mature and well-rounded gold, east = tempering 金東 = 錬
威嚇 いかく menace; threat; intimidation; to threaten; to intimidate intimidate, menacing = menace; threat 威嚇
い power; authority; might; influence; dignity; majesty march, woman = intimidate
雰* ふん atmosphere; fog rain, part = atmosphere 雨分 = 雰
囲う かこう to enclose pent in, well = surround
き spirit; mind; heart; nature; disposition; motivation; intention; mood; feelings; atmosphere; essence Captain Hook, sheaf = spirit
囲* い encircle pent in, well = surround
箇所 かしょ passage; place; point; part item, place = passage; place; point; part 箇所
しょ counter for places door, axe = place
錬金術 れんきんじゅつ alchemy; making big money (implied, by dubious means) tempering, gold, art = alchemy 錬金術
錬* れん drill; polish; refine; tempering; train; gold, east = tempering 金東 = 錬
じゅつ art; means; technique resin boulevard = art
ま demon; devil; evil spirit; evil influence; someone who (habitually) performs some (negative) act hemp, ogre = witch 麻鬼 = 魔
魅する みする to charm; to fascinate ogre, not yet = fascination 鬼未 = 魅
りょう finish; completion; understanding complete
たましい soul; spirit rising cloud, ogre = soul 云鬼 = 魂
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