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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 2011 - 2020

くちびる lips sign of the Dragon, mouth = lips 辰口 = 唇
のう farming; agriculture bend, sign of the Dragon = agriculture 曲辰 = 農
濃い こい : deep (color); dark; strong (flavor, smell); thick (consistency); dense; strong (possibility, etc.); thick (i.e. "as thick as thieves"); close; deep (love) water, agriculture = concentrated 氵農 = 濃
送る おくる to send (a thing); to dispatch; to take or escort (a person somewhere); to see off (a person); to bid farewell (to the departed); to bury; to spend (time); to live one's life; to pass (down the line); to affix okurigana golden calf, road = send off 关⻌ = 送
関わる かかわる to be affected; to be influenced; to be concerned with; to have to do with; to stick to (opinions) gate, golden calf = connection 門关 = 関
咲く さく to bloom mouth, golden calf = blossom 口关 = 咲
おに ogre; demon; spirit of a deceased person; ogre-like person (fierce, relentless, merciless); it (in a game of tag) drop, field, human legs, elbow = ogre 丶田儿厶 = 鬼
醜い みにくい ugly; unattractive; unsightly; unseemly sign of the Bird, ogre = ugly 酉鬼 = 醜
*娠 しん pregnancy, with child woman, sign of the Dragon = with child 女辰 = 娠
妊る みごもる to become pregnant woman, porter = pregnancy
妊娠 にんしん conception; pregnancy pregnancy, with child = conception; pregnancy 妊娠
妊* にん pregnancy woman, porter = pregnancy
振る ふる to wave; to shake; to swing; to sprinkle; to throw (dice); to cast (actor); to allocate (work); to turn down (somebody); to reject; to jilt; to dump; to abandon; to give up; to ruin; to add kana indicating a reading of a word; to slightly change headings; to change directions; to extract by broiling; to prepare an infusion of; to decoct; to carry with great vigor (a portable shrine); to bring up the main topic; 11: to replace; to substitute; to set up a joke for somebody else finger, sign of the Dragon = shake 扌辰 = 振
Created by: keropin



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