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BEHP 5014 Unit 3

2.16 Interrupting or Terminating Services Plan for BA unavailability, plan for end of contractual relationship, do not abandon clients, facilitates transfer of services when necessary
Informed Consent Explicit permission before any assessment or tx is provided
Three tests for informed consent Capacity, information, voluntariness
Capacity Person and/or guardian have reached age of majority and are competent to make decisions
Information Being informed of right to refuse consent w/o penalty, ability to withdraw consent at any time, exact nature of tx, benefits/risks of tx, benefits/risks of alternatives
Voluntariness No coercion or duress
Limits of Consent Consumer has right to revoke consent at any time, consent should be time-limited
Three Considerations when obtaining/reviewing consent risk, irreversibility, intrusiveness
Formality of Consent Implied, oral, written or recorded
When there is no one to give consent provide explanation, discontinue tx if clear signs of unwillingness appear, obtain appropriate permission from legally authorized person, consumer bx must be judged to present imminent danger, procedural safeguards, services will produce benefits
3.0 Assessing Behavior Use aprocedures for purpose validated in research, refer to medical practitioner if possible medical/biological involvement
3.01 Behavioral Assessment Approval Must get consent before implementing assessment
3.02 Functional Assessment Use of systematic information-gathering activities before programming
3.03 Explaining Assessment Results Use understandable language when explaining accurate results
3.04 Consent-Client Records Obtain consent before disclosing client records
3.05 Describing Program Objectives Describe in writing objectives of programs, risk-benefit analysis when possible
4.0 The Behavior Analyst and the Individual Change Program Programs based on Bx Analysis principles, involves client in planning, obtains consent, respects rights of client
4.01 Describing Conditions for Program Success Describe environmental conditions necessary for program success
4.02 Environmental Conditions that Preclude Implementation Recommend other professional assistance if environmental conditions preclude implementation
4.03 Environmental Conditions that Hamper Implementation Eliminate or identify environmental constraints hampering implementation
4.04 Approving Interventions Obtain approval in writing before implementing interventions
4.05 Reinforcement/Punishment Recommend reinforcement before recommending punishment
4.06 Avoiding Harmful Reinforcers Minimize use of harmful reinforcers
4.07 On-Going Data Collection Collect data, ask client, surrogate, or supervisees
4.08 Program Modifications
4.09 Program Modifications Consent Explain and obtain consent for program modifications
4.10 Least Restrictive Procedures Review restrictiveness of procedure, recommend least restictive
4.11 Termination Criteria Establish understandable, measurable termination criteria to clients
4.12 Terminating Clients Terminate client relationship when criteria are met
Created by: duriarte2013