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5th Batch Jap. Vocab

more Japanese Vocabulary

umi sea
kitte postal stamps
kippu ticket
saafin suring
shukudai homework
tabemono food
tanjoubi birthday
tesuto test
tenki weather
nomimono drink
hagaki postcard
basu bus
hikouki airplane
heya room
boku I (used by men)
yasumi holiday/day off/absence
ryokou travel
atarashii new
atsui hot
isogashii busy
ookii large
omoshiroi interesting
kakkoii good looking
kowai frightening
samui cold
tanoshii fun
chiisai small
tsumaranai boring
furui old
muzukashii difficult
yasashii easy
yasui cheap
kirai dislike/disgusted with
kirei beutiful/clean
genki healthy/energetic
shizuka quiet
suki to like
daikirai to hate
daisuki to love
nigiyaka lively
hima not busy
oyogu to swim
kiku to ask
noru to ride
yaru to perform
dekakeru to go out
isshoni together
sugoku extremely
sonekara and then
daijoubu everything is under control
totemo very
donna what kind of...
mai [counter for flat objects]
made to (a place)/ as far as (a place)/till (a time)
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