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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1951 - 1960

緩む ゆるむ to become loose; to slacken (rope); to become less tense; to relax; to let one's guard down; to slacken (coldness, supervision); to become lax; to become softer (ground, facial expression); (of ice) to partially melt; to decrease (speed); (of a market price) to go down slightly thread, migrating ducks = slacken 糸爰 = 緩
属する ぞくする to belong to; to come under; to be affiliated with; to be subject to flag, gnat, belt = belong 尸 gnat 冂 = 属
嘱する しょくする to entrust; to send (a message) mouth, belong = entrust 口属 = 嘱
偶々 たまたま casually; unexpectedly; accidentally; by chance Mr. T, Jiminy Cricket = accidentally 亻禺 = 偶
遇する ぐうする to entertain; to treat Jiminy Cricket, road = interview 禺⻌ = 遇
ぐ foolishness; silliness; stupidity; folly Jiminy Cricket, heart = foolish 禺心 = 愚
すみ corner; nook; recess pinnacle, Jiminy Cricket = corner ⻖禺 = 隅
逆しま さかしま reverse; inversion; upside down; unreasonable; absurd; wrong mountain goat, road = inverted 屰⻌ = 逆
そ model; molding mountain goat, moon, dirt = model 屰月土 = 塑
嘱託 しょくたく commission; charge (person with); entrusting with; part-time (employee) entrust, consign = commission 嘱託
処遇 しょぐう treatment; dealing with dispose, interview = treatment 処遇
彫塑 ちょうそ carving; engraving; clay model; plastic art carve, model = carving 彫塑
援助 えんじょ assistance; aid; support abet, help = assistance 援助
援* えん abet finger, migrating ducks = abet 扌爰 = 援
Created by: keropin
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