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life science-cameron

Flashcards for miss divito 7th grade end of year review

Chromatin chromatin is the combination of DNA and proteins that make up the contents of the nucleus
Chromosome they are found in the nucleus. they direct the production of proteins in a cell and are responsible for cell growth and reproduction
Diffusion a process by which substance (other than water)move from a higher concentration to the substance No energy needed Example:a bottle of perfume is opened in a room
Golgi Body it is named after Camillo Golgi, who discovered its presence in cells in 1898. it has structures that look like flattened collection of sacs, tubes like a stack of pancakes. these structures can be thought of as the cells mail room.
Lysosome usually found in animals cell. small round structures involved in digestive actives of the cell. contain enzymes that break down food molecules into usable substance which are passed on to the mitochondria. the clean up crew-digest old cell parts
Mitochondria found in plants and animal cells. Power House of the cell wall-energy is produced. the site of cellular respiration food and oxygen are combined in the mitochondria of a cell to produce energy which is stored as ATP more active cells have more mitochondri
Nucleolus this is the site where ribosomes are produced. Ribosomes are involved in the protein-making process in the cell
Leaf These are green structures that are the site of photosynthesis (the process plants used to produce food) they contain chlorophyll which is a green pigment (makes plants green)
Nucleus Found in plant and animal cells.
Created by: 19cameronzachary