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COLONIALISM one country takes over another and rules it
CLIMATE CHANGE in Africa the climate is getting drier, farmland is being destroyed
FACTORS THAT SLOW ECONOMIC DEVELPOMENT colonialism, spending on arms, rapid population growth, climate change
HIGH BIRTH RATE high numbers of babies being born
SOLUTIONS TO NORTH SOUTH INEQUALITIES education, reduce the sale of arms, encourage fairer trading practices, restrict developed countries interfearing in nation al politics of the south
TYPES OF AID TO SOUTH NGO'S, bilateral, multilateral, irish aid programmes,
NGO'S non-govermental organisations, e.g GOAL, Trocaire
BILATERAL direct aid from one government to another
MULTILATERAL internatoonal institutations ( Red Cross, UN Agencies) provide aid
EXAMPLES OF SPONSORED PROGRAMMES school of Vetinary Medicine in University of Zambia given help to educate more vets
ECONOMIC INEQUALITY IN IRELAND eastern region around Dublin is richer than western region of Connacht
MILITARY SPENDING money spent on arms (guns) and soldiers
REASONS WHY SOUTHERN ITALY IS UNDERDEVELOPED relief is high , shallow soils, climate is hot, few raw materials, poor transport and communications dure to isolation
REASONS WHY NORTERN ITALY IS WEALTHY good sioils near the river Po leading to high agricultural output, good suply of raw materials, well established industries.
DISADVANTAGES OF INTERNATIONAL AID tied aid may benifit te donor country rather than the reciever, increased dependency of recipent country,
ADVANTAGES OF INTERNATIONAL AID emergency aid saves lives, health and agriculture have improved , sharing of earth resourses, creates links between North and South
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