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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1891 - 1900

めん face; mask; face guard; (Martial arts term) (in kendo) striking the head; surface (esp. a geometrical surface); page; aspect; facet; side; counter for broad, flat objects, levels or stages, e.g. in a video (pent in, page) = mask (囗頁) = 面
かわ leather twenty, mouth, ten = leather 廿口十 = 革
くつ shoes; footwear leather, change = shoes 革化 = 靴
覇* は champion; hegemony; leadership; supremacy; Old West, leather, moon = hegemony 覀革月 = 覇
こえ voice samurai, (flag) = voice 士(尸) = 声
呉れる くれる to give; to let one have; to do for one; to be given Jack in the Box = give
娯* ご pleasure, recreation woman, give = recreation 女呉 = 娯
誤る あやまる to make a mistake; to err; to mislead; to misguide say, give = mistake BEWARE: font change can turn "give" into mouth-heaven 言呉 = 誤
蒸す むす to steam; to poultice; to be sultry flowers, complete/water, cookfire = steam ⺾ complete/water 灬 = 蒸
覇権 はけん hegemony hegemony, authority = hegemony 覇権
娯楽 ごらく pleasure; amusement recreation, music = pleasure 娯楽
衷心 ちゅうしん innermost feelings inmost, heart = innermost feelings 衷心
衷* ちゅう heart; inmost; inside; mind; top hat/(in), scarf = inmost [亠中 var.] scarf = 衷
Created by: keropin