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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1851 - 1860

ろう corridor; passage; hall cave, son = corridor 广郎 = 廊
たて shield; buckler; escutcheon (family crest); pretext drag, ten-eye = shield ⺁十目 = 盾
循* じゅん fellow; sequential Flash, shield = sequential 彳盾 = 循
は clique; faction; school water, zombie = faction 氵zombie = 派
みゃく pulse moon, zombie = vein 月 zombie = 脈
しゅう masses; great number; the people blood, multitude = masses 血乑 = 衆
逓* てい in turn; relay; sending; drag, cornstalk, belt, road = parcel poast ⺁ cornstalk 冂 ⻌ = 逓
だん step; stair; (flight of) steps; (row of) stitches; columns (of print); grade; rank; level; counter for breaks in written language (or speech) staple gun, missile = grade staple gun 殳 = 段
鍛える きたえる to forge; to temper; to drill; to train; to discipline gold, grade = forge 金段 = 鍛
循環 じゅんかん circulation; rotation; cycle sequential, ring = circulation 循環
逓信 ていしん communications (post, tele.) parcel post, faith = communications 逓信
野郎 やろう rascal plains, son = rascal 野郎
廊下 ろうか corridor; hallway; passageway corridor, below = corridor 廊下
*郎 ろう counter for sons; son; good, city walls = son 良⻏ = 郎
Created by: keropin