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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1791 - 1800

ごう = karma (actions committed in a former life) galleon, not yet = profession galleon 未 = 業
撲* ぼく beat; hit; slap; speak; strike; tell; finger, galleon-husband = slap 扌 galleon 夫 = 撲
ぼく I; me; you (used addressing young children); manservant Mr. T, galleon-husband = me 亻 galleon 夫 = 僕
とも together with; same; both; all; neither; none; including ... salad, animal legs = together 龷ハ = 共
とも companion; follower; attendant; retinue Mr. T, together = submit 亻共 = 供
い difference (of opinion); strange; odd; unusual; different field, together = uncommon 田共 = 異
つばさ wing feathers, uncommon = wing 羽異 = 翼
洪* こう deluge; flood; vast water, together = deluge 氵共 = 洪
みなと harbor; port deluge, self = harbor 洪己 = 港
撲滅 ぼくめつ extermination slap, destroy = extermination 撲滅
異変 いへん unusual phenomenon; unusual event; abnormal event; accident uncommon, unusual = unusual phenomenon 異変
洪水 こうずい flood deluge, water = flood 洪水
れい soul; spirit; departed soul; ghost rain, one, dinghy = spirits 雨一亚 = 霊
Created by: keropin