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Heisig System with Japanese Key Words # 1781 - 1790

助ける たすける to help; to save; to rescue; to give relief to; to spare (life); to reinforce; to promote; to abet moreover, power = help 且力 = 助
宜しく よろしく well; properly; suitably; best regards; please remember me; please treat me favorably ; please take care of house, moreover = best regards 宀且 = 宜
たたみ tatami mat field, crown, moreover = tatami mat 田冖且 = 畳
なみ average; medium; common; ordinary; line; row of (houses); mid-grade; same level; equal; each (month); set of (teeth) row
普* ふ generally; Prussia; universal; wide(ly); row, sun = universal 並日 = 普
ふ (sheet) music; (musical) note; (musical) score say, universal = musical score 言普 = 譜
湿る しめる to be wet; to become wet; to be damp water, sun-dinghy = damp 氵日亚 = 湿
けん exposure; clarity; exoteric Buddhism sun-dinghy, page = appear 日亚頁 = 顕
せん (abr.) daikon julienne; one ten-millionth thread, Thanksgiving-dinghy = slender 糸 Thanksgiving-dinghy = 繊
普遍 ふへん universal; ubiquitous; omnipresent universal, everywhere = universal 普遍
譜面 ふめん (written) music musical score, mask = (written) music 譜面
顕在 けんざい actual (as opposed to hidden or obscured); obvious; clear; manifest; explicit; overt; apparent; evident; actualized appear, exist = actual 顕在
繊細 せんさい delicate; dainty; fine; slim; sensitive; subtle slender, dainty = delicate 繊細
査察 ささつ inspection (for compliance); investigation (tax) investigate, guess = inspection 査察
査* さ investigate tree, moreover = investigate 木且 = 査
Created by: keropin